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Friday, November 22, 2013

FW: Tahoe Hotshots, Alcohol, Death

To: Oscar.Gonzales@osec.usda.gov; Arthur.Blazer@osec.usda.gov; meryl.harrell@osec.usda.gov; Krysta.Harden@osec.usda.gov; Secretary.Vilsack@osec.usda.gov; valerie_jarrett@who.eop.gov;
Subject: Re: Tahoe Hotshots, Alcohol, Death

  When the Hotshots were driving back from an "end of season party."Were there  incidents of alcohol, drugs, assault, sexual assault, driving under the influence and other incidents from these parties that are condoned and even encouraged by FS management starting with the managers and instructors at Wildland Apprentice Academy at McClellan? Will  managers be held accountable for these improper and unprofessional behaviors and attitudes  or will these incidents  continue?

Some of the same unprofessional behaviors and attitudes are thrown down to
all branches of the USDA including the way that Customer Farmer's are Targeted and have been targeted even before they become customer/farmers, they are trapped into bogus loans to steal property that has been in American Farm Families for generations, the Bonus for foreclosure at the USDA has led to fraud waste and abuse and much wasted tax payer dollars, non compliance in the unlawful and unethical treatment  of the American Farmers and USDA Employees in the unprofessional manner that USDA Management, civil rights office , OIG, and a whole host of collaborative agency players have unlawfully, fraudulently gainfully benefited
by these horrendous practices they have collutioned  against anyone who wasnt partaking in the Legacy practices of coveting or stealing what thy neighbor(s) have.

In loo of the above an automatic investigation into all previous allegations should be
started as soon as possible so that the accountability and transparency.

On 11/22/13 12:33 AM, Lesa Donnelly wrote:
How many people have to die before the agency gets serious about changing the culture of drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence as acceptable firefighter behaviors?

November 18, 2013 - 10:01 pm EST

CAMPTONVILLE, California — A forest firefighter lying in a road was run over and killed by a colleague in a sparely populated stretch of Northern California in a bizarre early morning traffic incident involving alcohol, authorities said Monday.
California Highway Patrol investigators said a driver in Yuba County early Saturday spotted a man, Michael Patrick Kelly, 32, lying in the road about 3 miles from Camptonville, California, which is about 80 miles north of Sacramento.
The unidentified driver flashed his high beams in a failed attempt to warn an approaching vehicle that it was on a collision course with the man in the road.
The small car with six passengers, driven by Andrew Gruenberg, 26, struck Kelly, who was pronounced dead at the scene with head and torso injuries, the CHP said.
After hitting Kelly, Gruenberg traveled another 2 miles to his destination, telling investigators later that he believed he ran over an animal. A passenger called 911 and reported the collision and a "hazard in the roadway."
After arriving at his destination, two of Kelly's passengers got into another car and drove back to the accident site, where they encountered emergency crews.
"Alcohol appears to be a factor in the collision," CHP officer Greg Tassone. Tassone declined to release any further details, saying the investigation is still active. He did not say who authorities think was drinking.
The U.S. Forest Service said Kelly was a full-time employee and squad boss for the Tahoe Hotshots Crew, which is based in Camptonville.
Gruenberg is a member of the same crew.

Lesa L. Donnelly

We have lost our sense of shame. Colin Powell

Lesa L. Donnelly

We have lost our sense of shame. Colin Powell