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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Check out High court makes it easier to sue government for negligence - WTOP

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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 06:59:47 -0400
Subject: Check out High court makes it easier to sue government for negligence - WTOP

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 11:44:36 -0400
From: cbundyemails@gmail.com
To: angusfarms@hotmail.com


Our efforts, your efforts, on Nevada AB-408 have been perverted during the political process.  

It no longer contains the original intent of the Bill we, you, supported.

Contact John Hambrick (Speaker of the House). 

Urge him to allow the bill to be amended back to its original intent on the floor of the State Assembly.   

This is generally not done, but Hambrick can allow it.  He needs to know that you do not support the bill as it stands and he needs to allow the bill to be amended on the 'Floor of the Assembly'.

You do NOT need to be a Nevada resident to do this.  They 
need to know the world is watching.

Please call him now, and email as well.


To: The Nevada Assembly and Supporters of AB408,

This bill has been nick-named The Bundy Bill, but the Bundy Family wants to make notice to every Nevada Legislator that this bill, as amended, comes before you WITHOUT INTENT OF THE ORIGINAL BILL.  

The original bill was to strengthen Nevada law.  It was to declare Nevada land, water, minerals, and all other resources as property of the citizens of the State of Nevada.  It would have given the counties of Nevada a spirit of hope and pioneering.  

It would have guaranteed those preempted rights that have been gained over the struggle of many years.  It would have opened the opportunity for the young to have a dream and take part in developing the great resources of Nevada.  

It would have guarantee access to the public of each county and insure that the county Sheriff is the only policing power with constitutional jurisdiction and authority to protect our life, liberty and property.

As the bill sits before you, changed, perverted and amended from its original state, it will allow the County Sheriff to share his authority and give his powers away to foreign governments.  The federal government has tried to seize these powers from the county sheriff's for many years through legislation.  YOU CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN TODAY! 

Today on the floor, Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, will propose amendments to restore AB408 back to its original intent. We charge each of you as representatives of the people to vote YES for Representative Shelton's amendments. If the amendments are not approved, we solemnly charge each of you to kill the bill (AB408) on the floor.

Thank you,

Cliven D. Bundy and
The Bundy Family

Bundy Ranch
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

LANDRI, Indebtedness for driving on toll road #000779750

Dear Landri,

You have a unpaid bill for using toll road.
You are kindly asked to service your debt in the shortest time possible.

You can find the invoice is in the attachment.

Kind regards,
Sidney Bullock,
E-ZPass Manager.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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By order of Pope Francis: All Bar Association licenses are extinguished

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Subject: Fw: Fwd: [New post] By order of Pope Francis: All Bar Association licenses are extinguished

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By order of Pope Francis: All Bar Association licenses are extinguished

by merahza
Originally posted on Maine Republic Email Alert:
Reference: APOSTOLIC LETTER OF THE SUPREME PONTIFF FRANCIS Anna addresses Cardinal George All Bar Association licenses are extinguished. "There will be no seizure of the American retirement accounts, no false flags, no murder, no mayhem, no scalar weapons deployed. There will be no deceptive "offers" in commerce seeking to exchange…
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A letter from a Friend to Virgin Valley

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:18:44 -0400
From: cbundyemails@gmail.com
To: angusfarms@hotmail.com
Subject: A letter from a Friend to Virgin Valley




To My Fellow Friends of Virgin Valley,

This past Saturday while celebrating a year of freedom with several hundred people at the Bundy ranch, a wonderful lady gave me a flyer that I thought was almost comical. 


It was announcing that on April 14, 2015 the Mesquite City council and the BLM were having a little hush hush meeting about the Gold Butte area. The flyer itself, nor the fact that it was a hush hush meeting was not the comical part. 


The comical part is that both the BLM and the Mesquite City council have no more jurisdiction over the Gold Butte area than Russia or China. (Well knowing Harry Reid, maybe China has a little claim out there, if you know what I mean, wink wink.) Besides that, the Gold Butte area is nearly 60 miles outside the City of Mesquite's boundaries, and I hate to break the news to the BLM, but Gold Butte is part of the State of Nevada and for the past 150 years has not been a U.S. Territory. So neither the BLM nor the Mesquite City council have even the closest of jurisdiction over the area, yet somehow these two governments think that if they come together to talk, it will bring legitimacy to their claim on the land. Very laughable.


I wonder if the Mesquite City council even realizes that if it was not for Cliven Bundy and others like him, the whole area would have been closed off tighter than a wine barrel over 25 years ago. Remember the "Back Country By Ways"? If the BLM would have gotten their way clear back then Gold Butte would be so regulated and locked up that no one would have desired to go out there. Because Cliven Bundy, Kieth Nay and others put up such a fight to keep the roads and the area open, Mesquite today receives some tourist benefits from the recreation of the area. 


None of that tourist money would have existed if the BLM would have gotten what they desired. Even today the BLM are playing the Mesquite City council by saying it was them that gave the city it's tourist economy boost, when in reality not even the citizens of Mesquite will be able to ride their ATV's off road if the BLM get their way.


Just ask Pahrump, Nevada in Nye County, how negotiating with the BLM worked for them. Evidently they did not have a Cliven Bundy over there and now the whole area is locked up so tight that you do not need more than a two wheel drive air conditioned vehicle to explore it, you must stay on the main roads. If you own an ATV or any camping equipment you have to almost leave the county to use it. And if you get out and pop off a few shots, in many areas you could get a one way ticket to a federal jail. No wonder why the Gold Butte area is so popular to visit, it is one of the last places in the West that you can feel a bit of true freedom without being regulated or harassed to death by our federal government. 


Mesquiteites need to wake up and realize that what they have is freedom on their lands and if they give up those liberties they will be like the rest of the surrounding areas. All the people of the Bunkerville and Mesquite area need to unite and embrace the Bundy family in defending this land before it is too late, before they find out after it is gone, that this unlikely family was right.


Natural law simply teaches us that in order to maintain rights one must CLAIM their right, USE their right, and be willing to DEFEND their right. If you are not willing to to do all three, you most certainly will lose them. Their is no arguments when it comes to natural law. 


So as loud as possible, lets make it clear that the Virgin Valley connected to the Gold Butte area belongs the people of the valley. We have been beneficially using and enjoying it ever since our forefathers established it in 1877, and we have no intention on giving up these rights to a federal bureaucracy that has no jurisdiction and is hard to even recognize as being anything close to a people's government.

This land is your land, this land is my land, and I resist any effort in it being locked away and policed so that my children or myself can't use or enjoy it.


A Happy Friend of Virgin Valley

Bundy Ranch
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