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Sunday, July 1, 2012

War On Whistlblower's,Women,Freedom of the Press,Americans

I ask You, why would the USDA pay out so many tax $(your tax$) to fight against their employees that do wrong?
Why would they allow sexual harassment of the women in the Forest Service? Why Fire a Native American Woman/Mother/Fire Fighter, because she was accosted on the job, when she turned in a complaint and then went Washington DC on her own dime, to tell Senator Grassley at the Whistleblower Summit
held last week in the Senate Judiciary Room 226. She was Retaliated and Fired yesterday!

God Given Rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights, American Rights, Native American Rights,Freedom
Of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights, There is a War on All of our Rights, even the rights to hold a job with out fear of being raped, being Retaliated and Reprized against.

The Coalition of Minority USDA Employees and Farmer's, and Are Standing Up for these Women Whistleblowers who took part in the Whistlebower Summit and 10th Anniversary of the Passing of the NO FEAR Bill.

Sec of Ag Tom Vilsack refused to meet with these Women while they were in Washington DC on their own dime and time, some of the women has complaints that are decades old, and should be resolved immediately!

Poster Child for the Women For Region 5 Forest Service and Award Winner of a Pillar Award given by event sponsor Pacifica Radio for her Courage to be a Whistleblower at the No Fear Whistleblower Summit. Upon her return to California Ms Dabeny was Retaliated and Reprized Against, She lost her Job with USDA Forest Service Region 5, Yesterday.

As a witness to her testimony at this Summit last week and a Whistlblower myself, I Demand that President Obama and his Administration Prove that he doesn't t have a War On Women and a War on Whistlblower's and bring these Women back to Washington with their Mediator's Coalition of USDA Minority Employees and Farmer's and do a Fair and Equitable Settlement
with these Women Whistlblower's who took part in the Summit looking for Redress of the Wrongs Committed against them.

by: melissa seaver of Scottsburg, Indiana c/o Landrightsnfarming