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Monday, August 19, 2013

The most egregious form of hateful deceit and torturous behavior comes f...

Human Rights Violations are also happening to a Select few White,Black, Native, and Hispanic Farmers here in the United States of America.

The numbers are now small but the egregiousness from all of the same agencies are
real and affect  the now elderly,disabled,children,the next generation as well  as the Farmer
and his spouse.

We all are asking for real help to address the violations of our God Given, and Constitutional Rights, to pursue the right to be happy, the Right To Farm,  and the
 Right To Freedom(s) of speech, and Liberty.

We want(ed) to raise our family (ies) in safe rural environments the way God intended!
or we would not have inherited the right to do so!

Some speak about what our Fore Fathers said and done in a metaphoric way
not me the men who wrote the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights those are our Fore-Fathers..

I am asking you help these American Farmers get the word out and draw attention
that there is still a problem and we are tired of the USDA and the DOJ sweeping
this mess under the rug! We are tired of the we will do this for you but you have to keep it quiet from the same agencies where is the transparency and where is the people
who were turned in by the Farmers who are labeled Whistlblowers, none have done time
they even gave them the right to sign a paper before being investigated to save their
retirement, some of which came from bonuses for the Farms they foreclosed on!

otherwise known as The "Young Executive Report" read into the Congressional minutes June 1972! aka: the Plan to Liquidate the American Farmer! By young executives of the
same agencies and businesses they trusted and done business with!

by: Melissa Seaver

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Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 22:05:56 -0400
Subject: Fwd: The most egregious form of hateful deceit and torturous behavior comes f...

we are not afraid to tell the real truth. yes, we will take risks that others would dare not. being politically correct, we leave to others. cnn atlanta is next.


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Subj: The most egregious form of hateful deceit and torturous behavior comes from the USDA/OASCR/DOJ/the Judicial system

Sir or Madame,

My name is Ferrell Oden and I live in Alabama. I am writing to you this morning on behalf of the Independent Black Farmers remaining in the United States of America. I am writing to you for help. The independent black farmers are being discriminated against by USDA/OASCR Joe Leonard/DOJ/the judicial system. Therefore, the end results are total destruction of any farmer opposing the admitted discrimination. We have findings of discrimination signed by Dr. Joe Leonard appointed by the Obama administration. Dr. Leonard knows first hand how the USDA will destroy a person at will, he had to go to Rev. Jesse Jackson and NAACP Washington Bureau chief Mr. Hillary Shelton to get the USDA off of him for not doing his job! As a result of Dr. Leonard's ability to cry race discrimination to the two named earlier and remain in the job of asst. Sec. Of Civil Rights at USDA has allowed the USDA/DOJ/OASCR/Judicial System to become terrorists against us, the independent black farmers of America! America needs to know the truth about the USDA and the conspiracy to destroy a race of people systemically as admitted in the attached document. Please help us tell the truth! Everyday that passes, a black farmer is losing everything we have as a result of discrimination!
We will meet you wherever, whenever, but please let it be soon! It is a lot of us!


/s/ the Independent Black Farmers
Ferrell C. Oden 
Michael W. Stovall