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I have also noticed the resemblance of the usda farm credit banks and programs with MERS. I do not know if anyone has a MERS decision related to Farmers and farmland.

the June 1972 congressional record of the Young Executive Report shows what they planned to do to the American Farmer's it didnt say black,white, native, it said American Farmer's. Known as the Plan to Liquidate the American Farmer.

the FmHA started a running record in the name of Jerry Seaver by making a call to the PCA where Jerry had a small operating loan, he did not own the land his unremarried widowed mother owned the land. this was the start of the Defrauding of the Seaver Family.
Jerry and Melissa (me) were married July 12, 1985. Between Christmas and New Years Jerry's sister(who worked as a loan specialist/Tech for the FmHA) suggested to him behind there mother's back behind closed doors for him buy there mother's land and take over her bills. The same situation was turned around and told to their mother who Jerry did not know nor she did not know the other had been told a variation of the story. He however did not go into the office until late Jan 1986 to pick up the package, then it was turned down
and the raised sealed blue ink document were given back to us, then they called back and said that a mistake had been made and wanted to bring this turned down loan back to life, we did not file new papers at this time. They put this loan into supervised bank account. We never got all of the money and we did pay money back (there was a bunch of mistakes made here)

*Fraud * malfeasance* documents tampering*noncompliance of rules and regulations*violations of due process* Securities Fraud*
*theft of money* theft of private property*destruction of private property* destruction of a mounds * theft of natural valuable resources
USGS from 1907* criminal trespass* assault with body fluids* money reversed from a real loan and put into another loan* unlawful
sell of our farm* Refusal to accept sum certain payoff.* unlawful initiation of foreclosure (they didn't have the three required documents
to start a foreclosure/a magistrate judge signed that he saw all three originals) when he did not* shared appreciation agreement "SAA"
unlawful situation* violation of the Freedom of Information Act* Violation of the Privacy Act* Use of Gun in the criminal trespass*
Harassment* Never had a hearing for the foreclosure ever* ask me about actions in the Bankruptcy court/Southern District of Indiana*
7th Circuit Court of Appeals* Nunc Pro Tunc after a void order was submitted left appeals court for a scriveners error but instead changed from a foreclosure in Re: on our real estate, changed it to foreclosure In Personam: against us in person !?
also while looking for a lawyer I emailed one, a few days later a call came in from a Susan Brooks I had just read many names of lawyers on line, she questioned me for around 2 hours via telephone, in response to my email to "Ice Miller" she never said she was with the US Atty office nor that in fact she was the US Atty of Indiana.*
Fast forward Jan 27 2007
Native Americans had been to the Mounds on the farm to help gain preservation for the mounds and to hold one of several sacred ceremonies at the mounds, the BIA carrying members of the of many tribes were refused the appropriate documents for the preservation nomination to the registry of historic places. An archaeological site number was established and a search was partially completed.
News articles concerning this came out in the Indianapolis Star, the second cup cafe news at the University of Indiana Bloomington Tv station came out and did a piece. An article came out from the Round About Madison News & Entertainment Guide came out on Feb 1 2007
which also was our only son's 18th Birthday sparking a county wide rebellion of sorts.

Feb 15th 2007 10AM a call from a farmer from Maine came in he said someone is on your line he gave me another number to call
and before the call could go through I noticed a sea of cars coming from the south. Before I could get to the door a loud bang on the door
came and a voice said Melissa You know why we are here! I opened the door and saw guns I told them not to hurt the baby he's only three! They came in threw me against the computer stand and cut my leg. I was handcuffed behind my back, and told it was for my protection (one guy was recording sound bites/ most everything was fabricated for their protection) they wore black Kevlar vest(s)
there was one women that I saw she kept spitting on me, I saw no badges on them except for (now former Scott County Indiana Sheriff
John Lizenby) led them into my home with no Court Order's, No Warrants search nor arrests!
The gun was at my young grandson's head and I feared for his safety.He was forced to watch as they physically searched my person,
they took my phone(s) from me. I asked them to arrest me, I was asked back why I wanted to be arrested I said if arrested, you have to give me my rights, and a phone call, their reply was 1) What TV show have you been watching? & 2) We weren't trained that way! and 3) who would you call?
They also stated that they knew by the GPS that Jerry My husband was at the local Diner Mariannes but he wasn't our oldest daughter had his phone she worked there! He was with his mother our other daughter was at the hospital she had a little baby girl on the 13th that we had not even seen they were trying to get the pictures that the other daughter had taken.

It was 14 degrees that day and after being searched and my clothing ripped up a woman put her filthy hands on my breasts and I told her
to take her hands off my breasts or I would hit her, immediately my arms were pumped up and down behind my back, until my right shoulder came out of socket. Then I was dragged outside I cried for my grandson who was sick and running a low grade fever and was thrown into an unmarked police car with doors standing open the woman had my coat on her arms. My arms were pumped up and down again as I was being told they were giving our farm to the rightful owners, our appeals were still in place(they refused to look at them said they couldn't read them)
I was in bad need to use the rest room, when after a very long time I was allowed to go back in 2 men went to the rest room with me
and one watched through the mirror, and the other directly at me I was being humiliated, I am a more reserved person than that
The man who seemed to be in charge was telling me that they weren't there to destroy our personal belongings or to steal them but yet he was using the baby's bathtub and filling it up with anything of value they could find knives scissors.they chose the clothing we could take
I was threatened over Jerry's gun safe for the key they threatened to destroy it also. Told they would put us in jail if we came back.

the electric was shut off freezing our water pipes in the barns and the house our livestock some died for it stayed extremely cold
the closest neighbor let our son carry water for two weeks to our hogs they had already run our reg angus cattle out and run them on a waiting cattle trailer and took them to the yards and sold them our son had to buy a pig and a calf to finish his last year in 4-H.

When they finally let us have our grandson back and we got him to my elderly mother in laws apartment to warm him when he woke up
he was bruised from his top of his shirt collar to the top of his pants.
My daughter who was in the hospital called as did the farmer call back they were both told to state their name(s) and business for calling that number, that it was being used for law enforcement. our daughter thinking it was some sort of joke until the man was yelling at her
she was needing a ride home from the hospital they never told us she took milk fever from the stress she and the new baby had to be readmitted. she called out son and he came home from work both he and my husband were frisked, and each did ask about court order's and all three time asked they said they didnt have one : meaning they had no authority on our place and everything they did was unlawful from trespassing, to physical assault with a deadly weapon, police brutality, criminal confinement, kidnapping, endangering a child, assault on a three year old a minor, theft and destruction of private and personal property, collusion, conspiracy to commit fraud, Violations of God Given Rights, Constitutional Rights, Native Rights, Civil Rights. to the right to be safe and secure in my home and to have the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (I am the 15th great granddaughter of Pocahontas, and the 6th great granddaughter of George Mason IV, Chief Red Bird and Squire Boone) three of those were soldiers or patriots in the American Revolution I come from a long line of Activists and what has happened to my family must stop! and must be set right.

two days later the man that I was supposed to call got me on a phone hearing with washington dc called a farm credit task force
the farmer who called was on it and another farmer this call lasted a long wh

-melissa seaver (812)7526611

From: frank1fearless@yahoo.com


Thank you.

I have been President of the Ag Society here in Kansas
for some years now.

It would take a lot of you time to being you completely
up to date.

I was involved in the determination of the Kansas Board of
Agriculture being unconstitutional and they were after me
for my wanting the Ag Society to not be usurped as we
seemed to be the only ones that were wanting to be
responsible for the protection of farmers.

The Farm Bureau has only been a insurance and usurption.

Then of course the Federal Land Banks as for the application
seems to not have an approved one and have also been
working just like MERS do you know the MERS decision.

Also the wall street paper has been seemingly tainted by
the other dealings of such fraud bigger than MADOFF.

Then the courts have now seemingly been exposed and
that was why we met with the KCMO law firm that was
telling us they wanted to help and they only wanted to
pick our brains.

Then I was researching and found more.

More later if you are interested.

Thanks for what you do.

Franklin Dee Williams

cc: Others.


Thank you for explaining, I must say I was left in curious thought. To answer your question first things first I have never been to Kansas City Mo ever. I'm not working for nor have I ever worked for USDA in anyway. I have been to Sikeston, MO and spoke at a dinner panel in 1996 and Champlain,Ill in 1995 as well for Adopt A Farm Family of America(Rural Restoration Adopt) speaking on Family Farmer Issues such as USDA/Banker troubles etc.

Melissa and others:

This is one of the first for me that I sent that
I don't understand???

Melissa you may have difficulty to find why I sent
the request to understand.

I was unable to open and read.

Later when you replied or sent I was then
able to read all.

I was most rewarded with the fact that you
spoke with the group and what the content
was that you were stating.

I could tell that you are one who was dealt with
wrongfully and that the USDA and others were
your valid concerns.

I still do not know if you were with us at the
law office in KCMO and with the man later
that seemed to be the head of the bankruptcy
Trustees and I have been provided the Bonds
here at one time that were to be processed
or the once that fa

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