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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

USDA Undr the Obama/Vilsack administration Promises

Since Mr Lincoln started the program through the Re-Construction Act following the Civil War, what today is known as the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA as it is commonly many Presidential Administrations have made Promises, they also have Rules and Regulations, and the Obama and Vilsack Administration are Non-Compliant with-in those Rules and Regulations and also in the Promises made to Constituents who voted for Change.

The only changes have not been the Promises of the Campaign Trail, as in "History Repeating It's Self"
In 1972 the USDA's Young Executives Plan To Liquidate The American Farmer was put into Place by the very People who were making Promises to the Farmer's.

In the 1970's there were massive amounts of Farms, Farmers, and rural Families lost to the machine.
In the 1980's again massive numbers were being lost "Farmer Claims/ NESARA were being hid" a new wave of forcing one generation from the land by deliberately Defrauding two or more generations of the same farm family.
In the 1990's many farmers were continually being hurt, so much so that usda employees were targeted if they tried to help, the farmers.
In the 2000- the same is still happening and as we speak new farm families are being drawn in like lambs to the slaughter.
The Securitization's of these farm loans were unlawful, they were in them selves the defrauding of the farmers.
Some of the farmer's and the USDA employees were dealt low blows by the Department of Justice because, and office of Civil Rights, in the multifaceted and underhanded dealings for Bonuses for Foreclosure's with
violating both employees and farmer right's to Due Process, violating Constitutional Right's of Land,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

the same as with the bundling of the Home Mortgages and selling off to foreign entities the USDA in 1997
multi-bundled and securitized farmer loans and sold them off as securities.

Some farmers who have been fighting the USDA machine for years, Mayme & Jerry and Melissa Seaver of Indiana, George and Karen Reitz of Kansas, George Hildebrand of Kansas, Darwin and Diane Rice of Iowa, the late Harry T Young of Kentucky, the late Vellus Redden, of Arkansas, Marie and Larry Mack Joint Venture of Texas, and many others.

Some minority employees of the USDA have been sexually assaulted,sexually harassed, discriminated do to race,color,creed,gender,nationality, that have been physically abused, threatened, some just because, and others for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for
or do the right thing, just plain old doing the job they were hired to do without becoming greedy.