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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gloria Minott interviews Lawrence Lucas "USDA: Still The Last Plantation"

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the lucas, interview on wpfw went well on yesterday, community watch, with gloria minott. i came on late in her show. scroll down to 41.41 & listen.
Monday, August 10, 2015—11:45a.m.—WPFW 89.3 FM Interview.

The interview began with Mr. Lucas thanking, Gloria Minott and the Pacifica family for keeping the public informed about what is going on at USDA with employees and farmers.

Mr. Lucas began with an update and explanation of the Tom Burrell Black Farmer Class action that includes the farmers whose claims were arbitrarily dismissed by the appointed panel however, the claims dismissals were not initiated or approved by the courts. USDA and the Panel are acting on their own.  There were approximately 50,000 claims but only 3,000 were approved for processing and settlement.

This was followed by the update on the Office of Special Council (OSC)report. The investigation of the OSC was conducted for more than a year. This was not the first time USDA was investigated and asked to enforce the law.  Tom Vilsack is and has been negligent in his duties as Secretary of Agriculture.  This report highlighted not only the mis-management of the Office of Civil Rights and the Civil Rights Program at USDA, but the abuse and discrimination against the employees of the Office of Civil Rights.

The final comments were about the FS Women and the Class.  Lesa Donnelly and her efforts were highlighted, especially the fact that this issues of rape, threats, lack of accommodations for those with needs, promotion denials, etc.  The listening public was made aware that in spite of comments of concern about Womens issues and rape, this White House has been ineffective in dealing with the issues and the This White House—including Valery Jarret, the Presidents Domestic Advisor has been made aware of these issues.

Final word was the Coalition will keep the Pacifica Family and it’s audience informed and the USDA is still the “Last Plantation.”
Ron Cotton