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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BLACK FARMERS 28APR2009 NO 5 - YouTube

PRESS RELEASE: According to Lawrence Lucas and the information at hand in a April 2009
press conference, the USDA admits doing wrong(?) and no one has been held accountable to date
and as an American Tax payer I would ask why?

He also stated that the USDA has done these same things to Blacks, whites, women,other ethnic and
socially disadvantaged  USDA Program Borrower's and the USDA employees that help them. These
also include the white farmer's who have been on the county committee and passed loans to the
farmers for his skin type or gender, of for going to a different church, club etc,

What else should be brought out id that some of the white farmers from predominately or only white
areas the USDA went after the land before the so called borrower's came to USDA m USDA came
after them....

    It did not matter what color, the USDA had access to the US Geological Surveys from the late 1800's at least through 1907, which excluded many areas  from being surveyed again because of the riches that lay
below the surface, while running over these peoples,civil and human rights they were giving loans to some
so that it would be easy to take the land from them keep them separated by skin and gender so we can be conquered more easily.

By standing together and comparing notes...just as America has also stood together United so should
the American Farmer stand together United no matter what race ie, Native American, Black, White, Hispanic,
weather you are a woman, man,able or disabled, we have not just had civil rights, but constitutional      rights, human rights, and maybe even some of this could be criminal, and amazingly no one has been held accountable...

Pay the American Farmer's Hold Accountable the ones responsible!
We know about the Young Executive Report and the planned stealing of our lands!
Keep Standing and expanding the stand with the American Farmer!

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 23:21:17 -0500
Subject: Check out ? BLACK FARMERS 28APR2009 NO 5 - YouTube