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Thursday, August 9, 2012

by: Melissa Seaver/Landrightsnfarming Aug.9,2012
We all have thought how we would like to help our neighbor, but we just dont know how!

After all, we dont know what makes our neighbor feel embarrassed or is that how we feel and think they may feel that way also?

There are Women out there fighting for their family and their personal right(s) to be treated fairly and equitably! They just want the due Process that is God given, is part of the rights afforded under the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights, and even the Rules and Regulations
in the Books of the USDA/Office of Civil Rights.

They women went to Washington D.C. in May 2012, looking for help for the individual circumstances,
but also as a strength together that their combined stories may help each other and also in turn others who may face similar situations, though most have individual circumstances all are part of the same Whistlblower
Summit that took place in May 2012, held in the Senate Hearing Room, with Senator Chas. Grassley.

I am asking for your help for these Brave Women and even Myself, please call your Congress and Senators
and tell them to help the Women from the Whistleblower Summit May 2012.
They were there with the No Fear Whistlblower Summit, and  The Coalition of USDA Minority Employees and Defrauded Farmers.

Send up Prayers for the quick action by Senate and Congress and even the President for what is RIGHT
follow up those calls by shareing our story with other's make calls and sign the petitions that are circulating on the internet and Facebook, Twitter,Stumbleupon. like and share, tweet,tweet, and tweet!

Thank You for your time Attention Prayers, and Help in Circulating this story!