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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marsha Sets The Record Straight Fwd: The last word on this issue

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Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 9:26 AM
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Dear friends and colleagues, two days ago people who I do not know and have never met sent out a series of e-mails to my personal email list. I was contacted by these two people two weeks ago and that is the extent of my relationship with them.

Thanks for your very kind words of support and encouragement.

I have no idea how they gained access to my personal e-address book. Please ignore any future correspondence from them. Please see my response below. Marsha


Evy and David, I wish to state for the record that I have never met you and don't know you. I only came to know of your organization in the last two weeks.
The e-mails of the last few days have been very disturbing and utterly shameful. Perhaps, more appalling is the fact that it seems that my personal e-mail addresses have been hacked. I will request an investigation into the invasion of my privacy.
It is public record that the No Fear Coalition spearheaded the passage of the No Fear Act 10 years ago. It is also public record that the No Fear Coalition and the No FEAR Institute (under the leadership of former Congressman Walter Fauntroy) were the conveners of the first two Whistleblower Weeks in Washington in which a No Fear Data Report was issued focusing on the performance of various agencies. This data was analyzed and collated by members of our coalition who worked assiduously in generating data that resulted in the publication of the No Fear Report Card. The No FEAR Institute issued its latest No FEAR Data Report yesterday during the whistleblower conference in Washington, DC.

We have not required your assistance in the past nor will we have need of your input in the future.
At no time did I give you the impression that you or David were the first to generate No FEAR data. Two weeks ago, I was pleased to learn of your interest in No FEAR Data. I have since come to regret my naiveté in light of the apparent hidden agenda. For your information, the government has been reluctant to provide No Fear data. It is only through the sacrifice, including firing, illness and deaths of dedicated No Fear Coalition members that we have the data that you now characterize as plagiarism. This data is not proprietary to any organization. In a free democratic society any citizen has the right to request information under FOIA.

No rational mind would attribute a request by any citizen or organization as plagiarism.
I consider your e-mails as defaming and they should cease immediately.
I have no interest in working with you or David and will consider any further contact as harassment.

Find me at about.me/marshacolemanadebayo,
Author, No FEAR: A Whistleblower's Triumph over Corruption and Retaliation at the EPA - www.amazon.com

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Subject: OK - Let's Stop This Nonsense

Evy and David:
I have never shied away from the truth or what I think is right. I am engaging myself because it is the right thing to do even though I hate to waste energy on all the negativism that does nothing but waste time from the serious problems involved in civil rights and whistle blowing. The politicking and in-fighting are horrible among some of the groups that are supposed to helping complainants and whistle blowers. I really don't know either of you having just seen a few emails over the past two weeks. I think attacking people via email is inappropriate, unless you have a hidden agenda, it's way out of line. So far Tom and Marsha have been attacked, so the only question is who is next on your agenda?
I believe you both owe Marsha an apology that should be sent to all the people you emailed and blind carbon-copied in an effort to destroy her credibility and standing among her colleagues. I dislike this type of behavior intensely having observed it in many ineffective communities and organizations over the years.
Unfortunately, I believe you have gone off the deep end without adequate information. I was unwell for several days, along with taking care of some of the conference details, so I did not address any of my emails. I am going to address each matter you raised and be done with it:
1. We thought either you or David would be attending some of the sessions and would definitely be at the Press Conference session held today. Evy, you may not recall, but you said that you were going to try to come to DC for the conference, but since you are in California, you understandably may not come, but David would be there to give your report on HHS. At no time did I or Marsha ask you to come and spend your money to do so, as you suggested in one of your emails. We fully expected David to come, but he also said he had a prior commitment. We did not cut anyone out of doing anything.
2. Since neither of you were able to attend, I personally added the following into my speech, "Recently, two advocacy organizations, MSPBwatch and Whistlewatch, broke the news that the Department of Health and Human Services failed to submit annual reports to Congress for 10 years IAW the No Fear Act. They uncovered this by requesting the reports under the Freedom of Information Act and wondered why no one is incensed by this violation of law in the nation's capital. If EPA is any indication, no one seems to care about violations of the civil rights laws." As my sister would say, "What do you want - a medal or a monument?"
3. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo did not attempt to STEAL (plagiarize) or "misappropriate" the information you uncovered about HHS and DOT. After reviewing the press releases, the only sentence that we could come up with is one written by me in which I said we were going to ask for reports under FOIA and review as a committee. Marsha simply used the sentence I wrote, if that is what you are considering plagiarism.
4. The sentence came about because we were supposedly working together to get the information necessary under FOIA from the agencies to out the violators; David even sent me the draft letter he prepared to get the reports for us to use. We talked later because he had only two agency reports available on his web site out of the entire list of Departments/Agencies.
5. I also decided that the No Fear Institute would have more clout in getting the reports quicker than my organization and then we would compare notes with your findings. I appreciate everyone wanting to get credit for their ideas and findings, but what is the point here? I misunderstood and thought it was about violations, not taking credit for uncovering the violations, even though I gave you credit. There is no end to the violations under the Civil Rights Act and No Fear Act - this is just one of many.
6. I have over 25 years of experience in civil rights and as a hobby review agency reports on complaints. I had already downloaded the agency reports on line. I also know many of the civil rights officials because this is a small community. I checked one agency that I thought would have excellent reports and noticed the Report to Congress with the type of data that I was interested in, such as discipline, costs for complaints, fees and an analysis of trends. I was sure that the other agencies did not comply and knew that EPA did not to my knowledge.
7. I am sorry that these mean-spirited emails have destroyed any relationship or work that we could have done together.

Dear Mr. Pardo,

We have not met, but it appears we all have the same concern of making the federal government more accountable to the taxpayers.
I was very dismayed to receive the e-mail you sent accusing Dr. Coleman-Adebayo of allegations noted in your e-mail I received.

Dr. Coleman-Adebayo was key in appealing to Congress for the passage of the NO FEAR ACT which makes it possible to attain detailed data of agency efforts with respect to EEO complaint activity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-FEAR_Act

Over a decade ago, I attended the hearing where Dr. Coleman-Adebayo testified before Congress to make it possible to implement the NO FEAR data requirements. I also participated in the first No FEAR Whistleblower Week In Washington event which she spearheaded under Rev. Walter Fauntroy's leadership. On many occasions I sat with Dr.Coleman-Adebayo and Congressional Staffers to create language that would provide for the collection of No FEAR Data. I share this with you - not to be antagonistic, but rather to let you know that I am most aware that the collection and analysis of NO FEAR data has always been within Dr.Coleman-Adebayo's scope as Chair of the No FEAR Coalition.

While, I applaud the efforts of your organization seeking NO FEAR data via FOIA requests, I think it is a mischaracterization to state that Dr.Coleman-Adebayo is just now jumping on the bandwagon regarding her interest in No FEAR data. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1UKJJF3Pss

Prayerfully, I hope this issue can be resolved. The federal government officials, who are inflicting harm on so many civil servants, would like nothing more than to cause havoc among various groups and individuals who are truly trying to make a positive difference.

In the pursuit of unity and equity for all,

Tanya Ward Jordan