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Thursday, April 9, 2015

FW: Is the dirt in you back yard really yours? Support Bill AB408

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 18:39:30 -0400
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Subject: Is the dirt in you back yard really yours? Support Bill AB408


While speaking with people from Las Vegas about the Nevadan's Resource Rights Bill AB408 it was explained to me that the BLM is imposing fines and forced recourse upon private property owners for building pools in their own backyards.

The BLM claims that the soil that is being removed from private property belongs to them, and that the home owners must get permission from and pay them to remove it. Just to be clear this is the dirt on private property. The feds say they own the minerals, including dirt as a mineral. If we are not purchasing the soil when we buy private property then what are were paying for with our hard earned money? If not the land, then what?

This is just one example of how the Federal Government is seeking to take the resources from the people for themselves. Land and resources = power. This power is too important for the people to lose. What will stop them from claiming that we cannot harvest a garden out of our own backyards, without paying them.
We must stand against this!


The resources committee hearing details are below,
we need everyone we can get to come to one of the locations during the hearing. It does not matter if you live in Nevada or not. This will set a precedence and other states will follow. Please take time off and make this a priority.

Our Rally will begin at 12 Noon, in the Court Yard between the Capitol, Court and Assembly Buildings.
See the map below.

If you cannot make it to Carson City you can watch and learn from Elko and Las Vegas

Meeting: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:30 PM


Room 3138 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV.

Videoconference available at  Room 120, High Tech Center, Great Basin College, 1290 Burns Rd,
Elko, NV

Videoconference available at Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave.,
Las Vegas, NV.

Click here if you would like to take a bus to Carson City, we will be leaving from Phoenix and Las Vegas. https://docs.google.com/a/valetfleet.com/forms/d/1PqDPvH7FKhsYrgmZlBRSYrpW62kKv4yvpikA4Qwun1I/viewform

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