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Saturday, February 22, 2014

FW: Victory: No Chained CPI in the president’s budget

Subject: Victory: No Chained CPI in the president's budget
From: act@credoaction.com
To: angusfarms@hotmail.com
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 17:26:11 +0000

CREDO action
Victory: No Chained CPI in the president's budget
Dear melissa,
News broke on Thursday that President Obama will not include Chained CPI in his new budget proposal.
This is a big victory and CREDO members were a big part of it.
According to an article in Business Insider:
A lot of the credit, people on and off [Capitol Hill] say, goes to outside progressive groups who began the momentum against the 'Chained CPI' cost-of-living adjustment.1
CREDO members have submitted more than 1,350,000 petition signatures and reported an astounding 51,000 phone calls to Congress and the White House in protest of cuts to Social Security benefits. And recently, over 115,000 CREDO members signed our petitions that we delivered to President Obama specifically asking him not to include Chained CPI or any other cut to Social Security benefits in his budget.
Chained CPI was always a horrible idea that would have pushed more seniors into poverty. We've stopped it for now and will use our momentum to be sure it's not reinserted in future negotiations.
President Obama embraced Chained CPI last year in a preemptive cave to Republicans – all part of the president's deeply wrongheaded quest to strike a grand bargain on taxes and the debt.
While it's unfortunate that we had to fight to stop the president from making the same mistake again this year, it's still a big deal for the president to reverse course on this issue.
It reflects the reality that massive amounts of grassroots work to stop a grand bargain is paying off. Your activism is absolutely making a difference.
But the fight is not over, and today's victory is neither total nor final.
The president is still on track to propose some cuts to Medicare benefits in his budget, and he has not yet come around to supporting the call from Senators Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin, Mark Begich and Elizabeth Warren and others to expand Social Security benefits.
We must continue to fight to keep Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits off the chopping block and to strengthen Social Security by expanding it.
Thank you for being part of this fight. Your activism matters.
Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
1 "How Liberals Killed The 'Grand Bargain'," Business Insider, 2/21/2014.

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