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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fwd: Justice 4 Seaver Family Justice 4 Ty &Justice 4 the Farmers

Subject: Justice 4 Seaver Family Justice 4 Ty &Justice 4 the Farmers
To: landrightsnfarming.seamom89@gmail.com

Justice 4 Seaver Family Justice 4 Ty &Justice 4 the Farmers
Americas family farmers have been defrauded for years by USDA and the culprits have never been brought to justice, most of the farmers have lost their family farms, some many generation family farms.
My husbands family farm,(in the family since 1914. 5 generations lived here) 1907 USGS Report shows that the government knew then that our land (and all Scott Co Indiana land) has gas,oil,shale(s),coal,and other valuable minerals,(Our's has a Surveyors Cornerstone),(a Native Burial Ground/Sacred Ceremonial Site),(a leg of the Underground Railroad),(wildlife habitat,deer,turkey,quail,woodcock,Indiana brown bat,woodpeckers,duck, hawks(sparrow,red tail,screech/barn owls Canada geese,squirrels,racoons,skunk,fox,coyote,etc.) rehabbed animals were released.
On February 15,2007 former Scott County Indiana Sheriff john Lizenby led a large number of people guns drawn, wearing black Kevlar Vests They Had No Documents With Them Authorizing Them to Come onto our farm.
Forcing my three year old(at that date)grandson to watch as I was handcuffed (Not Arrested)My clothes were ripped,I was told they were not there to steal nor destroy our personal property, but yet that is exactly what they did, they took and destroyed our personal property, our livestock,our home, etc
At this point our private papers were tumbled they poured honey and syrup on them, depositing some in my daughters car. (My self, my disabled husband,and my son who turned 18 on the 2-1-2007, all three asked about court order's, warrants, and each of us was told they didn't have any paperwork.
They also took phone calls from farmers, and my daughters telling them our phone was being used for law enforcement.
The threats to our lives by these people can not be adequately described, one would have to see the sheer numbers of guns brandished in what had just been a serene 14 degree morning and the fact that they had my young grandson held also with more threats and physical harm (a diagnosis from his pediatrician a few weeks later was Stress Regression Disorder a form of PSTD)loss of our land, livestock,home, health,our business, our Center! And now they have attacked my disabled husbands social security. Depriving an entire family four generations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Federal Claims Torts, Constitutional Torts,Criminal Theft of Funds, and Land, Physical Harm to Minor, Physical Harm to a Disabled Man, Threats,Physical,Psychological,Biological Harm to myself, threatening my son with a gun, threatening both of my daughters via telephone.
one was at her job, the other calling from the hospital (she and her new baby were being released/she was so distraught it took from 10:06 am until after 5:30pm before they were released)
After 2 Washington DC trips and several others canceled, numerous conference calls,as well as interviews, still fighting to get the meeting with the president and oe Ag Sec. Vilsack. We want our land back! we want our livestock back,fences replaced,Barns replaced, compensation for our children grandchildren
My husbands mother.
We are the Jerry & Melissa Seaver Family of Scottsburg,Indiana
Please help us get Justice for Mayme,Jerry,Melissa,Monica,Ty Roll ,Marissa,Rebecca Roll, Hitomi Roll .JdII, (Trace,Odin,Cassandra Roll, & Natalie Seaver)
As citizens of the US we don't want to believe this type of fascism is happening in the Unite States of America - but it is. Remember, if this can happen to Ms. Seaver and her family it can happen to you. We must fight for justice for the Seaver family and citizens in the US. Because next time they might be coming for you...
Lesa Donnelly
Anderson, California

Note: this email was sent as part of a petition started on Change.org, viewable at http://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-usda-secretary-vilsack-senate-congress-justice-4-seaver-family-justice-4-ty-justice-4-the-farmers. To respond, click here