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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fwd: Fw: foreclosure: the Original Promissory Note must either be returned to the signor or cancelled by the court.

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Date: Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 8:17 AM
Subject: Fw: foreclosure: the Original Promissory Note must either be returned to the signor or cancelled by the court.

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Subject: foreclosure: the Original Promissory Note must either be returned to the signor or cancelled by the court.
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From: John Stuart <john@showmetheloan.net>
Date: August 12, 2012 10:49:44 AM PDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: short note

here is something I have added to the 5th edition publication that
I cannot stress enough. THis is the purest form of truth you will
ever know.

                                BOTTOM   LINE

         One very important legal concept you should know; it's a
         concept that every lawyer and banker refuses to discuss,
         every court refuses to hear arguments about, and is the
         single most important factor that proves incontrovertibly
         every foreclosure is a scam being perpetrated upon the
         people of this country:

            No foreclosure is 'perfected' and/or 'complete'  until
            the Original Promissory Note is either returned to the
            signor or cancelled by the court.

         That is the law; that has always been the law; and that
         law has never been abrogated. This single unarguable
         fact proves that what is happening in this country is
         nothing more than a coup d'état by the bankers with
         the assistance of our elected officials.

         I have witnessed dozens of court cases, read thousands of
         documents, studied several state's laws and have come to the
         conclusion no court will ever allow this mandate to be used
         because of the obvious fact the banks would always lose.

         I know through personal experience and my own research
         that Notes continue to be resold after the homes are
         foreclosed. In one case, we discovered a Note had been
         sold 5 times in the 6 months following the foreclosure.

         You must understand completely that every aspect of this
         coup being perpetrated on us by the bankers was planned,
         is unlawful, and requires the assistance of the courts
         and public officials.

         If you have a difficult time believing the judges and
         elected officials are involved, just take a few minutes and
         research what their retirement programs are vested in. You
         will discover that judges, cops, politicians and all other
         state agents' pension funds are primarily invested in 2
         things: the real estate market and privatized prisons.

         Now you know the truth about why we are being driven into
         poverty and why America has more people in prison than
         any other country.


John C.  Stuart, aka Mobius Nemesis
4101 W. Union Hills Dr. #1043 Glendale, Arizona (85308)

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