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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fwd: Fw: Comment: SSN Can Only Be Issued to Federal Employees

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Subject: Fw: Comment: SSN Can Only Be Issued to Federal Employees

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Subject: Comment: SSN Can Only Be Issued to Federal Employees
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Here it is, if you could not find it. Jerry
Title 20: Employees' Benefits



Subpart B: General Procedures

422.104 - Who can be assigned a social security number.

(a) Persons eligible for SSN assignment. We can assign you a social security number if you meet the evidence requirements in ? 422.107 and you are:

(1) A United States citizen; or

(2) An alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence or under other authority of law permitting you to work in the United States (? 422.105 describes how we determine if a nonimmigrant alien is permitted to work in the United States); or

(3) An alien who cannot provide evidence of alien status showing lawful admission to the U.S., or an alien with evidence of lawful admission but without authority to work in the U.S., if the evidence described in ? 422.107(e) does not exist, but only for a valid nonwork reason. We consider you to have a valid nonwork reason if:

(i) You need a social security number to satisfy a Federal statute or regulation that requires you to have a social security number in order to receive a Federally-funded benefit to which you have otherwise established entitlement and you reside either in or outside the U.S.; or

(ii) You need a social security number to satisfy a State or local law that requires you to have a social security number in order to receive public assistance benefits to which you have otherwise established entitlement, and you are legally in the United States.

(b) Annotation for a nonwork purpose. If we assign you a social security number as an alien for a nonwork purpose, we will indicate in our records that you are not authorized to work. We will also mark your social security card with a legend such as ?NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT.? If earnings are reported to us on your number, we will inform the Department of Homeland Security of the reported earnings.

[68 FR 55308, Sept. 25, 2003]

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Subject: SSN Can Only Be Issued to Federal Employees


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Date: Friday, August 10, 2012, 9:23 AM

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From: Ron Branson <victoryusa@jail4jud ges.org>
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Subject: [No_SSN] SSN Can Only Be Issued to Federal Employees
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 22:33:35 -0700

Super Hot Court Case exposes Facts About IRS! Please! EVERYONE;YOU MUST READ THIS:!!!

Check out Title 20 CFR, Chapter 111, Subparagraph B, 422.103(B)(2) (2). I don't have a link for the info for Title 20 but by searching the above, it brought me to the link below.... The link below is from 2009 but I believe it is as relevant then as it is now....

http://www.dailypaul.com/99462/super-hot-court-case-exposes-facts-about-irs-please-everyone-you-must-read-this. This is a powerful site, with many COURT CASES and explanations about the IRS. The below is an excerpt from the link just above...

In Current Events

1. Social Security Numbers can only be issued to federal "employees" for use only in the performance of their official duties. See 20 CFR §422.104.

2. The Social Security Number is the property of the government and not you. Therefore, it can't be "yours" unless you are a public officer on official business. See 20 CFR §422.103[ d].

3. The SSN is issued to the federal "public officer" and not to the man, and then only while he is an agent of the federal government.

4. Anyone who uses a Social Security Number who is NOT a federal employee acting on official commercial, government business is guilty of impersonating a federal "employee", which is a crime. See 18 U.S.C. §912.

5. You can only use it in connection with a "public purpose", and not a private purpose. It is illegal and a crime to use or abuse the SSN for a private or personal use. This is called embezzlement or conversion, and it is a criminal violation of 18 U.S.C. §641 and 18 U.S.C. §654.

6. Everything connected to the SSN becomes "public property" because the SSN can only be used in connection with a "public office" or federal employment.

7. The private man was never issued an SSN if he is not acting as a federal "employee". Therefore, he can honestly answer "NO" in response to the question of whether he was ever issued an SSN if he is not acting as a federal "employee" or agent.
Taken from

USC Title 15 Chapter 1 Section 17 clearly states: "The labor of a
Human being is not a commodity or article of commerce."

IRS-ACS Correspondence
PO Box 24017- Stop 76202
Fresno, CA 93776

Attn: Susan Meredith, Operations Manager, Collection

IDENTIFICATION: Bradford Smith, SSN: xxx-xx-xx, non-federally
Connected worker SUBJECT: Internal Revenue Service Notice of Levy
Form 668-W(coffee) PURPOSE: Request for written authority to garnish
Wages, including: 1) Form 668-B Levy 2) Judgment abstract from
A court of competent jurisdiction 3) Form 2159 Payroll Deduction
Agreement 4) Letter 3164 Notice 5) Form 12175

1. Treasury Financial Manual, Part 3, Chapter 4 of Title 1, 4075-
Levy for Unpaid Tax Liability, March 2000 edition.

2. Internal Revenue Manual 5.14.10- Administrative garnishment via
Private employers, state government agencies, etc. (IRM
Dated 09-30-2004),
http://www.supremel aw.org/irm/ part5/ch14s10. htm (This section is
Now conveniently missing in their revised version dated

3. U.S. Representative Raul M. Grijalva September 8, 2003 letter
To an IRS Taxpayer Advocate in Arizona (names & other identifying
Information redacted).
[6:25:38 PM | Edited 6:28:34 PM] Ted Wacholtz:

****Any statute that supposes to effect legislative judgment,
Thereby eliminating judicial due process of law, is a bill
Of attainder, which the U.S. Constitution prohibits both
Congress and state legislatures from enacting. However,
The Internal Revenue Code does not authorize seizures,
Garnishments and the like without judicial due process.****

Sincerely, Jack Bauer aka RadioRebel

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