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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fwd: Fw: Some headlines - But don't worry, everything's A-Ok cuz they're lookin' out for our best interest

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Subject: Fw: Some headlines - But don't worry, everything's A-Ok cuz they're lookin' out for our best interest

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Subject: Some headlines - But don't worry, everything's A-Ok cuz they're lookin' out for our best interest
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Subject: Some headlines - But don't worry, everything's A-Ok cuz
they're lookin' out for our best interest

Jul 06 10:31
New TSA Policy: Ordering Travelers To "Freeze" On Command?

By: James
If you thought the bizarre power trip behavior of the TSA couldn't
get any crazier - think again. According to a friend of political
commentator Lew Rockwell, the federal agency is now ordering
travelers passing through security to "freeze" on command.

Jul 06 13:51 'Jews Don't have To Go Through TSA': Homeland Security's
Janet Napalitano


Jul 06 09:36
Lockheed Martin Creates Micro Drones Capable of Launching by
Thousands in Swarm

By: Alex2245
If you can, imagine a small tiny drone that you can launch from
your hand capable of obtaining 360 degree views, a drone that is
inherently stable and actually inspired by a maple seed.

Lockheed Martin is behind the design and plans to make them even
smaller adding swarm capabilities.

The head of Lockheed Martins Robotics Lab was quoted recently saying;

Jul 07 05:22 U.S. Army course authorizes use of deadly force,
internment camps during U.S. civil disturbance

By: ActivistPost
Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

In a damning new 115 page self-learning course from the U.S. Army
Military Police School at Fort McClellan originally issued in April
2006, we learn that the military has a detailed and brutal plan in
store in times of mass civil unrest in the United States...

Jul 06 07:02 The moment a U.S. helicopter strike blasts an Afghan
man to pieces... as the pilot sings 'Bye, bye Miss American Pie'

By: malterwitty
It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US

But in a moment of twisted inspiration an American helicopter pilot
decided to give it a impromptu soundtrack - by singing â•~Bye,
bye Miss American pie.'

He belted out the most famous line of the Don McLean classic at
the moment of impact when a fireball consumed at least one man.

Jul 06 09:13
"It's Final" U.S. Will Strike Iran, Says Saudi Informant

The triggering event to WWIII could be as early as October,
according to Debka-Net-Weekly's intelligence moles. Iran cannot
be allowed to sell Iranian oil for any other currency other than
the U.S. dollar-a fatal mistake Iraq's Saddam Hussein made in his
quest to lead the charge to undermine U.S. dollar hegemony in 2000.

"It is already decided," one Saudi prince told an unnamed
European official, according to Debka-Net-Weekly. When asked by
the â•~European' if America will back out of the hatched plan to
strike Iran, the prince said, "Anything can happen, of course. But
this time we're sure the American decision to attack is final and
we are already making appropriate preparations."

However, according to the source, the prince doesn't know if a strike
on Iran will come before or after the elections in November. But,
"the question now isn't if the Americans will attack Iran, but when,"
the prince said.

Jul 06 12:15
Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America

By: Alex2245
A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for "Civil
Disturbance Operations" outlines how military assets are to be
used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill
Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

The document (PDF), which is dated 2006 and was used for a
self-learning course at the U.S. Army Military Police School at Fort
McClellan, makes it clear that the operations             described
in the manual apply to both "CONUS and OCONUS," meaning inside the
Continental United States and outside the Continental United States.

The document outlines how military assets will be used to "help local
and state authorities to restore and maintain law and order" in the
event of mass riots, civil unrest or a declaration of martial law.

Jul 06 08:41
BANK Cabal Exposed, Video: History's Largest Banking Corruption
Scandal, 16 Banks Stole From Every Single Human On The Planet.. Not
One Person Was Left Out. Not Even You.

The Biggest Banking Scam Ever ... British bank Barclays (LSE: BARC.L
- news) is dead centre of a storm involving the manipulation of
inter-bank lending rates, particularly Libor (the London Inter Bank
Offered Rate). What is truly breath-taking is the sheer scale of
this fraud. According to one estimate, around $350 trillion (£223
trillion) of lending and derivatives is priced off Libor. That's
enough to pay for the whole of UK Government spending for around
three centuries at current levels. Thus, if misconduct by banks
caused Libor to increase by a mere one tenth of one basis point
(0.001%), this amounts to $35 billion (£22 billion) a year in
extra interest - that's roughly the UK's annual budget for transport
and close to as much as council tax brought in last year. One
official claims that 20 other banks helped to rig interest rates
and that Barclays is poised to 'blow the whistle' on wrongdoing at
its co-conspirators.

Jul 06 16:30
Flashback 2009: Obama Promises to Close Gitmo - Today: $40 Million
for Gitmo Upgrades

By: Ken
January, 2009. Obama promises to close Guantanamo Bay Detention
Facility within a year.

Now the government is spending $40 million more for upgrades at
Gitmo. Looks like Obama has no intention of actually shutting
it down. Another broken promise by a lying politician. But more
importantly, what does the presence of an indefinite detention center
mean for America? Can we really cling to a moral high ground when we
don't give people a trial or follow due process of law? Obama (and
Reagan before him) is willing to give your American rights to illegal
aliens who are known to have broken the law by crossing our borders,
but he's not willing to give accused terrorists a trial to establish
their guilt before condemning them to decades in a prison camp?

Jul 06 15:19
Pentagon Contractor Caught Illegally Selling Military Technology
to China

By: From the Trenches
The Canadian arm of the aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
closed a six-year U.S. government probe last week by admitting that
it helped China produce its first modern attack helicopter, a serious
violation of U.S. export laws that drew a multimillion dollar fine.

At the same time it was helping China, the company was separately
earning huge fees from contracts with the Pentagon, including some
in which it was building weapons meant to ensure that America
can maintain decisive military superiority over China's rising
military might.

Jul 06 08:32
McChrystal: Time to bring back the draft

By: From the Trenches
Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former top commander of international
forces in Afghanistan, said this week that the United States should
bring back the draft if it ever goes to war again.

"I think we ought to have a draft. I think if a nation goes to
war, it shouldn't be solely be represented by a professional
force, because it gets to be unrepresentative of the population,"
McChrystal said at a late-night event June 29 at the 2012 Aspen
Ideas Festival. "I think if a nation goes to war, every town, every
city needs to be at risk. You make that decision and everybody has
skin in the game."

Jul 07 06:31
Disabled Vet Arrested for handing out water to thirsty tourists

By: James
arrest was filmed by a reality TV crew following officers on the
Strip. "The officer "was playing to the cameras,"

Jul 06 07:30
Shocking Health Effects of Commonly Used Pesticide: Brain Problems,
Sexual Deformities and Paralysis

By: malterwitty
Dow's pesticide Dursban was banned for home use, but continues to
be sprayed on our food despite horrific health threats.

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