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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fwd: Fw: ALL CAPS Names on Government Certificates

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ALL CAPS Names on Government Certificates


The ALL CAPS name is your slave name.

ALL CAPS Names on Government Certificates

June 29, 2012


The ALL CAPS name is your slave name. They consider you their cattle.

(Editor's Note: I reserve judgment and present this information for discussion purposes.)

by TD McGann

Doubtless, the ALL CAPS NAME on birth and other certificates have legal ramifications.

However, when you ask around about it in legal circles, you are likely to discover that no one seems to know what they are. Perchance, if you do find an attorney who has learned the lesson ─ that is, out of school ─ don't be shocked if he is not forthright telling you what he knows . . . especially within earshot of his cronies.

He, like the rest of us, has a thing or two best left unspoken, even to confidants, even to himself.

Our Holy Mother Government issues everything, not to us, but to our ALL CAPITALIZED NAME: our birth certificate, our marriage license, our driver's license, our death certificate, and so forth.

Courts of hallowed law, hallowed administrative agencies, and the hallowed I.R.S., send all their correspondence, not
to us, but to our ALL CAPS NAME. Quasi-governmental agencies, such as power

and electric companies, bill not us, but our ALL CAPS NAME.

Insurance companies insure not us, but our ALL CAPS NAME.

Likewise, banks lend, not to us, but rather to our ALL CAPS NAME. Social Security doles out checks, not to us, but to our

ALL CAPS NAME. Our ALL CAPS NAME is on the title of our automobiles (rather,the automobiles we drive*), our credit cards, and on the mortgage securing our houses (rather, the houses we live in**). Lawyers represent, not us, but our ALL CAPS NAME. And on and on . . . and on!

* ** Note: Whatever is registered, our Holy Mother Government claims ownership of.

Equitable title refers to the actual enjoyment and use of a property, whereas legal title implies actual ownership. Comparing equitable and legal title to perfect title, you should realize you own nothing, including yourself and your children!

EVERYTHING belongs to Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, who conceived THEM in Holy Juridical Law.

Have no doubt ─ we do stand as surety for the ALL CAPS NAME. And, as dupes, we have as much protection as the Constitution provides a dead man ─ none!


Indeed, there is an exception to the rule. One school, one school only, teaches this qabalistic lesson. That one school is the National Judicial College (NJC).

Surprise! One can find out all about it, or them, on their website,


It is an open secret that judges have an animus against pro se or sui juris litigants. These litigants dare dispute their alleged legal nexus with their All CAPS NAME. They claim to be live, oxygenating men and women, possessing mind and soul ─ not a FICTION, not a LEGAL CONSTRUCT, not a NON COMPOSMENTIS.

Often, a self-willed litigant will remind the judge of his Constitutional

responsibility to secure his unalienable, God-given rights. Therefore, it should be no wonder that judges are often intolerant of such defiant conduct! If the litigant pleads "innocent," as opposed to "not guilty," or if he refuses to plead either way, citing lack of jurisdiction ─ the judge, typically, is apt to become outraged and put the fear of his netherworld God into him!


The name, National Judicial College, is deceptive, though, the original name, the National Institute of Justice, was not. The college was founded in 1963 by an act of Congress, as a component of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

In 1978, however, the college became privately run, as a 501-C-3 tax-exempt corporation. Hence, the appellation has led us to believe that the college has been run by our dear Uncle himself, who, overflowing with integrity, would dare not grease his palms with dirty lucre!

Its name misleads us in another way. Although located in the U.S., the college instructs students who come from "over 150 countries."

Although shocking, this fact is touted, or rather was touted until recently, smack front and center on the judges' home page.1 Another curiosity found there is that the judges' funding comes from a multinational corporation ─ namely, Chevron and the "double-crossing" Exxon Mobil  re. Rockefellers.

Who would have ever thunk that oil companies were champions of law and order? 

Notwithstanding the above, judges are merely trying to preserve the status quo.

Go to any graveyard in North America, where our forebears are buried, and you'll see such names as MOORE, COOK, FILBERTS, etc.all in ALL CAPS.

The harmless, little scam has been going on for centuries, not just on this continent, but in every nation on the globe wherein monopolistic capitalism has triumphed.

Not only is this ruse one of Uncle Sam's prized cash cows; it keeps us 14th Amendment cotton pickers blithely singing Dixie.

Our only recourse is beseeching our Creator to know when enough is enough. However, we must first determine whether we be dead or alive! The choice shouldn't be difficult ─ we need only pinch ourselves!

If there is neither discoloration nor slight pain, then we should kiss reality good- bye, buy a copy of TV Guide, and check all the good TV programs not to miss!

If, on the other hand, there is discoloration or slight pain, then we had better realize we are human beings. And, as such, with Heaven on our side, we must use our wits and will to do whatever necessary to resuscitate Lady Liberty and restore her to hale health and splendiferous glory!


1. See earlier tout at http://www.judges.org/about/history.html

Not all judges are mean and nasty! Some even look good and can smile!


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First Comment fr4om Rich (Author of Dollar is a Lien)

In England the British Crown through international banking owns your physical body and that's the law. The bottom line is that your a maritime Admiralty product and therefore the banks own your body. On the back of the social security card will be numbers in RED on the front will be blue or black but on the back they will be in red. The numbers on the back of a the SS card in red designate your body, it is the serial number of your stock. This is why if your wealthy your preferred stock, if your poor your common stock but your a stock on the stock market. Your body is bought and sold through the use of your birth certificate. If you could get your original birth certificate back you would find that on the back of the birth certificate are all banks around the world, all over the world banks have used your birth certificate because you are a stock in a Maritime Admiralty banking scheme where you make money for banks.

So consequently the corporation and government and people who want to control you they create a second you and that second you that they control that they created is all in CAPITAL LETTERS. Check it out anytime you get a bill, lawsuit, fine, ticket, utility bill, driving license, social security card, insurance cards, anything period. Anything having to do with business your name will always be in all capital letters because only all capital letters can be dealt with by banks and government anytime you have a name upper and lower case that applies to you, I have no control over you. You sign a contract in which your name is in all capital letters now I can take you to court, now I can take you.

As a matter of fact the judge sits on the bench, he rules from the bench. The word bench in Latin is a bank, look it up in a Latin dictionary. So the judge rules from the bench, right because he ruling for the bank why? Because someones got to pay, its just a game here the queen of England wants her cut of the American blood, she wants her piece so someones got to pay and the moneys going to go where? Into a bank, that's right the judge rules for the bank.

"United States" is the "District of Columbia" incorporated. "The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a State" Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785, Also: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287

a " Corporation" with a legislature was established, with all the apparatus of a distinct government created (Incorporated) by (Presidential) Legislative Act, February 21, 1871 Forty-first Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, page 419

This so-called government is an imposter  posing and or masqueradingas the original government.