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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fwd: Beware the government coming to steal your gold

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Will Big, Giant Government
Steal Gold From Its Citizens?

Hi Melissa Seaver, many gold buyers are worried that if gold skyrockets in value, the government may confiscate it. And there is reason to worry - it's happened before.

But what about this time?

EVG Research Team here, and we'd like to set the record straight on gold confiscation.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt did sign an executive order in 1933 that made it a crime to save gold. And Australia still has a similar law on the books, although it's officially suspended for the time being.

But is the government really ready to knock on our doors and demand gold?

Our EVG expert doesn't think so. He joins us in Module #7, "How to Profit From Hyperinflation." And we have reason to believe what he says.

He comes from a prominent Chilean family - both in political and industrial circles. And when he graduated from a Chilean high school in 1985, the country was an admitted police state!

It got that way after a hyperinflationary crisis. During the economic chaos, General Pinochet overthrew an elected President and the military controlled the country from 1973 'til 1988.

So when we got the chance to create an entire module on hyperinflation and its aftermath with a guy who lived it, we jumped at the chance.

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One thing we noticed right away is his unique perspective on governments demanding your gold.

The TRUTH About Gold Confiscation...

If there ever were a government who would go door to door demanding gold, it was Pinochet's Chile.

But they didn't do it. Pinochet ran a totalitarian police state, and they still didn't confiscate the citizens' gold. Why not?

Because it's just not practical to go door to door searching for gold. It'd cost the government a fortune in manpower, resources and time... and the citizens aren't likely to give it up so easily.

But didn't the United States go door to door confiscating gold after FDR's executive order?

No! While the laws on the books did outlaw owning gold outside of jewelry, it was rarely enforced on citizens.

And as our EVG expert points out, it's not likely to be enforced in the future either.

Especially because the US dollar is no longer limited by the government's supply of gold the same way it was in 1933.

So Here's the Real Threat...

Your gold is relatively safe from confiscation. And you can always store it overseas just to be extra careful.

But there is another way they could confiscate your wealth during hyperinflation that is much more likely. And that's for the government to take control of IRAs and 401(k)s and convert them to US Treasury Bonds.

Argentina did essentially the same thing in 2008.

This method wouldn't require door to door searches, and could easily be done digitally just by moving numbers around.

And while the probability of this happening is still low, it's one reason our EVG expert says he'd cash in his 401(k) to buy gold and silver... even with the 30% penalty for cashing out early.

5 Ways to Buy Gold & Silver
Before Hyperinflation Hits

Buying gold and silver is the obvious way to protect yourself from hyperinflation. But there are more ways to invest in gold than just ownership.

In Module #7, our expert reveals 5 ways he'd invest in gold and silver with a $10,000 budget.

You'll also discover what to expect and how to prepare for hyperinflation... from someone who's lived through it!

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Your Partner In Prosperity,

The EVG Research Team

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