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Friday, May 25, 2012

Addressed to: Ag Sec Vilsack "I CRY"

25 may 2012
good morning secretary vilsack:
i write you as i wrote secretary dan glickman one early morning, so many years ago. hopefully, you will respond as he did.
i am again, requesting you, out of some sense of humanity, dignity and respect and concern for human life....put down this war against women and meet with us.
too many women have been brutally abused, in so many ways, and shamed, during your leadership at usda. this week a host of these usda forest service women came to washington to talk with you, the american public and the congress. you where the only one that did not hear their pain....their suffering. those who listened seemed overwhelmed and shocked that such behavior has become acceptable and allowed to continue at usda.
hopefully, this message will not be another appeal to you and the obama administration that is ignored. yes, we are questioning the direction of usds and our country's moral compass and the out right complicity of others in and outside usda that have allowed these women and so many others to be exposed to such shameful behavior. this era of abuse must end.
mr. secretary, just one act of discrimination, just one act of reprisal and harassment, just one act of assault, just one act of rape and brutality.... is just one too many.
yes, mr secretary, I CRY.
lawrence lucas, president
usda coalition of minority employees
856/ 910-2399