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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reports from March 2 2012 Tornadoes Southern Indiana

As Communications and power is restored to local communities, just outside of what would be ground zero, of the path(s) of these EF2-EF4 Tornadoes , in the wake of the dawn, more devastation than a world war taking place in the 52 path of destruction.

Our friends and families have been under siege and we were powerless to do anything, cut off of communications families could not locate, their loved ones. Travel was and is still restricted through the destruction zone, that looks more like a war zone.

From the number of dead from the Region at last count was approx. 33, the toll could still rise.

The community has shown what is so special about, this area, with it's willingness to step up and do what one can to help. The problem is this area was already hit hard by economic hardships and even hit really hard by the foreclosure frauds, but now the people who are here are unsure of what to expect next, will there be enough help to build, replace, homes and lives, now devastated, from an act of nature so fully capable of rearing it head at anytime.

These small communities that used to be thriving, businesses, schools,churches,homes,farms, are the same that have faithfully funded causes such as Crusade for children, St Judes, Breast Cancer Awareness,Habitat for humanity,girl scouts,boy scouts, 4-H, FFA, Big Bothers and Big Sister.

I have chosen not to be specific in reporting individual situations, as it is unclear if people are still missing. But the stories coming from the volunteers are horrendous.

LandRightsNFarming here at Blog Spot wants to let everyone know we are praying for the families and individuals, and are truly sorry for the losses of family friends homes,businesses,and whole communities.