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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fwd: This is why psychotropic drugs have never cured anyone

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Subject: This is why psychotropic drugs have never cured anyone
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A few of our recent posts have got me studying up on psychotropic

There's a lot going on out there, and it's scary, but it's all bits
and pieces.

But then I found this,

Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

It's the story of big money-drugs that fuel a $330 billion
psychiatric industry, without a single cure.

The cost in human terms is even greater as these drugs now kill
tens of thousands of people every year, with bad reactions ranging
from heart failure to suicide, and even homicide.

Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health
experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this
documentary puts all the bits and pieces together in one place and
the picture is clear...



Goodman Green
- Brasscheck

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