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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Re: Dash cam video appears to show officer planting evidence

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  Top Stories for January 4, 2012

Gore: Iowa caucuses 'a good night for Barack Obama'

Ron Paul: Gingrich 'chickened out' of military service

Dash cam video appears to show officer planting evidence

Washington governor to support same-sex marriage: source

Maddow: Ron Paul 'supporters are human beings'

Pat Robertson: God revealed the next president, but it's a secret

Obama to make recess appointment for consumer bureau

Romney holds New Hampshire edge, Gingrich slips: poll

Obama campaign warns of 'extremist' Republicans

Group claims piracy now a religion in Sweden

Colbert attributes Santorum surge to 'fierce' sweater vest

In his return from the New Year, the Comedy Central host expressed his excitement over the Hawkeye State taking center stage. "It is the Super Bowl of old midwestern people sitting in a high school gym sitting in folding chairs," he said. "And no one is on this story like I am tonight. I am brining you every corner of the state, the most compete coverage I can get from free webcams." Read more ›

Stewart: Republicans are like a box of chocolates

In his return for the New Year, Jon Stewart said Tuesday evening that once the votes are in, the GOP base would most likely unenthusiastically embrace Mitt Romney in the end. "It's a right of passage for Republican voters known as Romspringa," The Daily Show host said. "Republican voters know they're going to end up back with Romney much in the way a 16-year-old Amish boy knows that his six months with an iPod will give way to several decades of hand tool barn building." Read more ›



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