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Thursday, October 27, 2011

FW: Read Marilyn Barnwell Articles

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October 26, 2011
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Occupy Wall Street and the Constitutional Convention
We have two gigantic dangers to the citizens of America. One is a Constitutional Convention which would not only destroy the Constitution we have now, but would give us a totally different country and eliminate our God given unalienable rights. The other is the massive all encompassing UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development that is already in full bloom across America and in nearly every city and town......
by Kelleigh Nelson

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Political and Financial Stew, Part 2
Another way to measure the size of the derivatives market is based on how much derivatives are worth if value is calculated on sales outstanding as of today. At the end of 2007, the gross derivatives market was valued at $14.5 trillion – though its "notional" estimate was $596 trillion… about 1/40th of the notional value. Using that statistic, let's calculate what the Federal Reserve just unlawfully permitted Bank of America to do.......
by Marilyn Barnewall

Will Congress "borrow" from your 401(k) as they have done government pensions? Call Harvey or Jay at USA Gold Vault and protect your future with real money. 602-228-8203.

Comparing Definitions of Freedom: The Source of Our Dilemma, Part 7
What is the role of religion and the church in government? This is undoubtedly a sensitive subject for many. In America, the "separation of church and state" idea, along with the 501(c)(3) corporate status has distorted most of the philosophy which shaped the formation of the United States. And regardless of whether Christians realize or admit it, Georg Hegel's philosophy plays a much more significant role in how churches operate today than Enlightenment philosophy and even Scriptures......
by Attorney Timothy Baldwin

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