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Thursday, October 27, 2011

FW: Payment of Bill and Invoice

Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 04:26:08 -0700
From: davidleebuess@yahoo.com
Subject: Payment of Bill and Invoice
To: publicaffairs3@occ.treas.gov
CC: yahseph@gmail.com; ewi261@aol.com; g_a_buess@hughes.net; gini.1938@gmail.com; dzehner@richlandcountyOh.us; mcox@ci.mansfield.oh.us; datadumpemail@gmail.com; bchirdon@wtol.com; SD01@senate.state.oh.us; angusfarms@hotmail.com; sebuess@gmail.com; jl50273@yahoo.com; jbash@woh.rr.com; district76@ohr.state.gov

Please provide forms whereby I can lawfully pay my bill(s) and Invoice(s) in Lawful Currency per 48 Stat/ 337 and12 U.S.C. 411 under the bankruptcy act of 1933. 

As the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is a debt instrument and merely discharges the debt but does not lawfully pay the debt I need to lawfully pay my debts. I have just recently discovered my errors and wish to lawfully pay all accounts.

Am I required to obtain a voucher for each bill and invoice or exactly how does the system work. Please respond to all.

As the Congress of the United States failed in their Fiduciary Duty to lawfully inform the "people" as Trustees of the Bankruptcy of 1933 we have been forced into a pyramid scheme under the Federal Reserve System:Criminal Fraud. Further fraud was by the Secretary of the Treasury as Governor of the International Monetary Fund, Inc Trust Account also failed to lawfully inform the people as to how the system was to work. 

Please provide all forms and instructions via return mail.
Sincerely yours,
:sirdavid-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID BUESS]SPAG.
419 694 5796
C/O 222014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington, Ohio [45814]