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Friday, July 29, 2016

Fwd: U.S. State Department Recruited to Address Human Rights Crisis at Home

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Who it concerns,
Yes, it does.
The foreclosure was stamped instead of signed with blue ink. And the magistrate stamp says that he saw all three documents in their possession,again not true, I had all three doc that was needed to file foreclosure in Indiana.
Because they gave them back when they told him they rescinded the loan on the farm, that they orchestrated,
To convey the property to him from his mother.

I was also forced to set on jury duty in a fed case being
Set by the judge who eventually allowed a
Other unlawful practices in the foreclosure of our farm.

I saw a lawyer in DC who told me that in just the first few
Minutes of hearing our story that there were criminal plus other torts he gave me name of a lawyer here in Indiana who would be able to do the leg work every time I try to find him my computer and phone is disrupted Burger used to have.some recorded calls that were disrupted while we were going over my testimony for the W3 Conference in May 2008.

Also I made an email request to speak to a lawyer from a group called Ice Miller who had offices in Indy and Chicago
I did receive a call from a lawyer who knew about the email to Ice Miller and she asked me questions about what the government including the Clinton's had done to take our farm
After questioning me for nearly three hours , I told her I needed to pick up my kids, she said she thought she had enough, then said unfortunately we can't take this on right now
And gave me a number to a lawyer in Evansville,Indiana ( Who didn't even have a receptionist
To answer his. Calls) it was a run around. And Susan Brooks gave me her name saying she was with Ice Miller, at no point did she ever say she was with the United States Attorney's Office and especially she did not say she was at that time the new United States Attorney
Who now has ascended to the United States Representative for her district in Marion County Indiana.

Debra a U.S. Attorney from same office when I submitted a void order in the appeals court
Told appeals.court that she needed to correct a  screeners error, all she did was went back
Changed the filing again s t the farm and refilled against me as my husband in the personam

So they allowed them to file a very late filing over 90 days late to sale our property but our appeal.was.still in place, they came with the. County sheriff and a sea of sheriff deputies, us marshmallows, and other support law enforcement with no written orders  authorizing our removal but they put a gun to my then three year old grandsons head for ed him to watch as they continually groped me as one person with a recorder kept saying we aren't here to take or destroy your property, I was handcuffed but not arrested, after being spit on a woman put her nasty hands on me in a vulgar way, I did as calmly as I could told her to get her lesbian hands off me or I would hit her, automatically the guy behind me holding my hands lifted my cuffed hands upwards until my right shoulder was popped out of place .
Then I was dragged with my ripped up clothing out into the cold (14 degree  temperatures)
The one woman h a d my coat on her arms. When I finally got Ty back they h a d went through my purse and he had circular bruseing on his little back from the gun they poked him with continually, he suffers from street regression disorder  a form of PTSD diagnosed by his pediatrician three weeks later it say due to police brutality.
(I did tell them when I opened the door not to hurt the baby he is only three).
(Also I saw sheriff John Lizenby, I said John you know I am not this kind of person, he said
To me while he was allowing them to vulgarity mishandled me and my grandbaby, you should have seen what they did to me)
(While in DC with Burger the first trip I was selected .from the tribunal at the W3 Conference at the Library of Congress, to give e testimony to the Congress chaired by Texas.Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee she stood up and apologized to me for what happened to my family and promised help and ordered someone to help me to collect,t the names of all the people involved, I took a wit less and went to the sheriff's off I e to get a list of the names, Deputy Mark Hayes (also a county commissioner)
Went through three sets of books and two sets of computer records on the date of 02/15/2007
There were no records showing anything to do with our address or our name's about any runs out to that farm

Also I went on the US marshmallows website and there also was no mention of marshmallows being in the whole southern part of Indiana nor was our name's mentioned in any of their actions for that date.

They didn't have a deed in the folder roe anything else
In the file when they sold our farm on the court house steps (this is not the place.the foreclosure was.filed either)

No accounting was ever made when asked for a copy of our file I was told I could get a third party to come band make copies...no one would go. They also are tAking Kerry's social security disability check (supposed to not be able to do this but they are) on a recording of a call made to social security they sent e over to FSA in Missouri who say you mean your not living on the farm at 121 Sharon drive Scottsburg Indiana?  Never had anything to do with this address, when checked it out that's not even a farm it is an apartment our oldest daughter rented without any help from us we never stayed there at all I went there a few times of course but where they came up with that address and Jerry and I we have no clue.

And unfortunately we file for protection from the US bankruptcy court that was a joke also  they allowed late filings and when I brought my papers into that court I was harassed and Jerry was harassed they knew he had a heart attack and just got out of the hospital, but they mandated he had to come to the court the Dr Gave him a script with a
Message to the judge of his fragile condition, but they stood around him and talked trash talk at him about us marshals and how they could take care of anything a farmer could do. He went to the rest room they called me up and made me wait for him up front he certainly dragging in they didn't even call an ambulance for me
They made a bunch of comments, but no one offered to help in anyway.  he suffered anOther heart attack that day.

They usda moved offices from the federal building west to across from the highway from the federal land bank and the Former PCA, Farm Credit Service., their new Land Lord is the guy who took c/o.possession of our farm
He and his partner has family and partners in the Scott co courts and all of the farm related financial businesses in the county. Ands have so unlawful things to help keep us from getting our land back.  he also was.given
Livestock water grants on our property all the while they were tearing out all livestock defenses and never put any back because the funds were used to build foundations. To mansion style homes that they use for piano schemes to the people they sell on land contracts.To.

Jerry and I both have.some.native blood but have.no
Connection to any reservation, also unknown to me until Burger had.me to look up my genealogy I also found a mulatto ancestors and three different tribes of.native blood among founding father in our backgrounds.

Jerry s great grandparents were stolen from by the TVA.in Tennessee before coming to Indiana as was my grandparents and great grandparents in Kentucky before coming to Indiana and as our farm went out so did three other of Jerry s first cousins lost farms to same thing.
Here in the county.

Waymon the DOD had our farms marked years ago.
And the 1907U.S. geological survey had all of Scott county
As exempt due to having valuable minerals coal and oil or gas with in 500 feet to the service in the Scott county maps. Was release when John Thompson passed his works he was working on th the Clinton's and rural.development and usda fsa when appt by the Clinton's we were told by the OIG that we had proved that we had been wronged so Mike Espy had sent our files.To Kentucky to be serviced
As long as we saved face for The President Clinton.

All the WRONGS that happened after that including not accepting payments to force acceleration of loans

So much more.... They knew if Jerry s native blood and he was born with a nervous studder...they couldn't him as dumb.

He didn't own the farm to begin with they originally defrauded Mayme Sesver Kerry's mother to convey land out of her name, there was a running record started o. Him in Jan 1985 Jerry and I was married July 12, 1985 he didn't own the land his mom did he worked the farm and leased in other grounds, he didn't agree to go in there until March 1986. (Because his sister Linda who was married to a farmer one mile from the farm and also was an employee of the FmHA office and unknown to anyone was dating her boss.... John Thompson who was same as the one presidential appointed to state director status of the FmHA
Until our complaint landed in Mike Espys hands. Then he was taken out of his job OIG investigated and refused to give us our report we also were followed and they were in our house. The pharmacist at a local pharmacy hid me and went out and asked them their business in the building.
Then he helped me get to my car.   Jerry and I got in the car
So I could show him I wasn't making it up
They started up he made a u-turn and pulled up by them and told them that they needed to do better if they were to follow us.
They locked me out of the Library when Burger called and said I had an email I needed to copy asap they hit me on the leg with some sort of lazer, then a guy tried to catch me I called Burger he called my house my son came for me he saw the guy just like that he was gone until I got home and daughter tried to take me to get the email somewhere else, the first guy was following us, I unplugged all cell phone batteries and told her to speed up through the road ahead and get turned we lost him long enough to get there and get the emails.
I was ran of the road one Sunday morning taking May me to church. And one of them and I know which woman it was tried to hit.me with her car at the.library as I was getting back into my truck on another occasion.
Our truck was stolen. Never has been found.
Can't move to a safer location this is federal.stuff

I can't make this stuff up, I don't have that much imagination and they also have.the check from the sale of the farm we tore it up it was not accepted, they kept it and still are taking a dieing mans social security check, we get $16.00 a month in food stamps and he gets meals on wheels. $750.00 a month that's what he is allowed.

I get a stipend to care for his mother who has skin cancer and dementia.

We have three children who they stole the kids livestock off the farm ref angus cows two weeks from calving.
Our market hogs they turned off the electric, the water.froze up pigs started.looking weight contracted at 200.00$ each sold the whole bunch for just over $200.00
There wasn't anything left of our home. Or any of our per work our supreme court appeal was covers in honey and syrup my typewriter and supplies was stomped up.

My mail was held at the post office and was all gone through when we got it.

Sorry to spill this on you it has been bottled up for a while.

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