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Thursday, March 31, 2016

FW: Another Black Farmer That Lost His Land

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Subject: Another Black Farmer That Lost His Land

[cid:X.MA1.1459420396@aol.com]March 29, 2016
Gary R. Grant

On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Eddie and Dorothy Wise along with several of their friends traveled back to their farm to remove their personal items from what used to be their home. After finally getting a return call from the Federal Marshal's office as to what day and the time, they were told that they could come on that particular Thursday. They would be allotted 8:00am until 4:00pm that afternoon. Eddie and Dorothy agreed.
However, we must let everyone know that we had called Congressman G. K. Butterfield's office earlier because Eddie had not received any call backs from the marshal's office despite the fact that he had called at least three times before a return call to him was made. I had been talking with Eddie through all of this. I wondered if there was some playing around with this man, his wife, and his property. At first, according to several people we know who have who knowledge about the date of the sale of the farm, they all were saying that the sale would take place on March 17. However, since that was not the date for the sale, why did it take them so long to let Eddie know that March 17 was the date for him to remove their personal belongings? And finally, why did it take a call to the congressman's office to get a date and time for Eddie to go and retrieve his and Dorothy's personal belongs.
Then, on March 17, Eddie was waiting for some friends from a bit of a distance to assist in the packing and removal of his and Dorothy's things. It was about 9am everyone was in place. According to Eddie, the same marshal who served him the papers called at approximately 9am and without asking any questions, immediately confronted Eddie, saying something to the effect that "you know you were supposed to be here at 8am and you only have until 4pm to remove your stuff." Eddie says that he replied, "Sir, you do not want to upset me today!" The marshal then calmed down. Eddie swears that he did not even say "good morning," but just jumped right on him about being late.
Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to go and help Eddie that day, but his friend John, from Durham, who took the original pictures of the marshal serving the removal papers did attempt to help out. He was immediately informed by the same agent that "this is federal property and you are not allowed on this property." Thus, there are no pictures of the packing and loading of the trucks on the farm.
John did station himself at the entrance to the farm and traveled with Eddie and others to the storage facility where all the personal belongings are now stored.
Just as Eddie does not understand, it is really difficult even for me to grasp the fact that the mobile house owned by Eddie and Dorothy which was not a part of any loan from the USDA, somehow became collateral for the delayed loan they received. Now to add insult to injury, it has been taken by the government. The Wises are indeed homeless. This is a strange action by a government that is supposed to be "for the people."
[cid:X.MA2.1459420396@aol.com][cid:X.MA3.1459420396@aol.com]Photos: Eddie Wise takes a break as friends help him unload and put his and Dorothy's personal belongings in storage. He was forced to secure two storage bends which added another $150.00 to his monthly bills since his eviction. While he may be tired, this is the first time that I have seen pictures of him with this much pain and agony on his face.

Any assistance you can provide is needed and appreciated! Consider paying for a week of their hotel room, a week's worth of groceries, or anything you can offer. To make a contribution go to https://www.gofundme.com/39m8623g.
Eddie and Dorothy are living out of suitcases in a nearby hotel. In the short term they need assistance with these monthly expenses.
Hotel $800
Food $650
Medications $300
Fuel $200
Car Payment $336
Truck Payment $259
Storage Building Rental $200
Total $2,745 /month

Plus $400 per hour for attorney


Eddie and Dorothy want the same opportunities given to their farming neighbors over the years. They are committing to keeping this farm in agriculture for the next generation. They simply need a fair chance to succeed. At present Eddie and Dorothy want the following.
Eliminate all Farm Debt $575,000