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Monday, February 29, 2016

Shut Down Upcoming White Hate Group Conference in Reagan Bldg.: Emai...

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Dear friends,

Please circulate the call to action below as widely as possible.  Opposing violent hate-mongerers in our midst requires an "all hands on deck" commitment!  We can succeed only by unifying against those who plant and fan the flames of genocidal hatred!

Take action!   Shut Down Racist NPI Conference!

On Saturday, March 5th, 6-10pm, the racist far-right think-tank National Policy Institute is scheduled to hold its winter conference at the Ronald Reagan Office Building. Join us in challenging the far-right "thought leaders" who are spreading white supremacist ideas that drive racial discrimination, violence, and institutionalized racist policies.

Our goal is to apply enough public pressure that the conference will be canceled. In the event that the conference goes on we will protest outside NPI's event. See more about NPI and the protest details below.

Why is the Federal government hosting white supremacists?

The Ronald Reagan Office Building is a federal building - do you think the government should be hosting a group of racists? If not join us in taking action.

  1. Please Email/Call the Property Manager to ask that NPI's conference be canceled. The property manager's information is below as is a sample letter is that you can modify or use as a phone call script. After you've emailed and/or called, please fill out this quick form to help us keep track of the amount of public pressure the government is receiving.
  2. Flyer the Public at Federal Triangle Metro Station:
    Monday Feb. 29th, 4:30-6:30pm. We'd like to reach as many people as possible to let them know about our efforts to cancel or protest the conference. If you are available to flyer please rsvp to Carrie Hathorn calni27@gmail.com 202-714-8530.
  3. Flyer the Tenants of the Building; Day/time to be determined: if you have weekday availability and would like participate in reaching out to the tenants of the building to inform them about NPI's conference, we'll match you up with another person and provide flyering tips. Please contact Carrie Hathorn calni27@gmail.com 202-714-8530.
  4. Mark your calendar:
    Protest National Policy Institute's Conference!
    Saturday, March 5th, 5pm & 9pm (5pm is the first wave, second wave at 9pm as the conference ends)
    Ronald Reagan Office Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    For more information contact Andrew: 240-475-2042, abatcher.ni@gmail.com
    RSVP to this email on
  5. Attend a Planning Meeting to Shut Down NPI Conference
    Sat. Feb. 27, 2-5pm
    Petworth Neighborhood Library, PET Conference Room
    4200 Kansas Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20011
    RSVP to Carrie Hathorn calni27@gmail.com 202-714-8530.
  6. Co-Sponsor or endorse the campaign: If you would like to sign your name or are a member of an organization who would like to endorse or co-sponsor please contact dannapope@gmail.com
  7. Connect to get updates on Facebook:

Why protest National Policy Institute?

Far right think tanks play a crucial role in developing and promoting the white supremacist ideas that drive racial discrimination and violence. The racist rhetoric of Presidential candidates like Donald Trump are legitimizing and building the confidence of fringe groups like the N.P.I.  It is important to expose these groups for what they are before they gain a larger audience.

President of NPI, Richard Spencer, calls for both "peaceful ethnic cleansing" in order to protect European culture and forced sterilization to reverse the alleged "degenerative" effect of a growing non-white population. NPI campaigns, among others, have included the promotion of eugenics and efforts to make the Republican Party exclusively white, while building alliances with white supremacists and Fascists in Europe. NPI is politically-connected, drawing members of the far more well-known and mainstream Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC).

What is a racist think tank?

We all know that white hoods and burning crosses are symbols of the racist violence of the Ku Klux Klan.  We all know that the Confederate flag is linked with the hate that pushed Dylann Roof in 2015 to slaughter nine African-Americans who had opened their prayer circle to a white stranger in South Carolina. But what isn't talked about much are the racist "thought leaders" who often wear expensive business suits, are sleekly-groomed, boast advanced academic and professional credentials, and hide their lethal think tanks behind innocent-sounding professional names like the National Policy Institute. Racist ideology is not peaceful, even if it can be discussed withdisconcerting calm. For more information about NPI and this event see www.npiamerica.org/Also see http://tiny.cc/1hu98x for an analysis of NPI's white nationalist right wing politics.

What is white supremacy?

Racist violence is increasing in the US, while leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric is dangerously encouraging white supremacist organizing. "White supremacy" is the belief and promotion of the belief that white people of the northern European and Slavic regions are superior to non-white people and should therefore rule politically, economically, and socially over non-white people. The term includes a political, economic, and cultural system in which whites overwhelmingly control power and material resources.

In Action,
  • Andrew Batcher, DC Free School*
  • Starr Bowie, WPFW 89.3 FM Pacifica Radio Station, Program
  • Committee Member*
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Kevin James aka Son of Nun, Rapper/Organizer
  • Walda Katz-Fishman, Activist
  • Perry King, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Activist
  • The Peace House
  • Katherine Philipson, Activist
  • Danna Pope, Activist
  • Perry Saidman, Washington Ethical Society*
  • Sauray Sarkar, Activist
  • David Schwartzman, DC Metro Area Chapter, Science for the
  • People; DC Statehood/Green Party*
  • John Steinbach, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee*
  • Walter Teague, Clinical Social Worker
  • Chris Towne, Activist
  • White Anti-Racist Solidarity Project
  • Dave Zirin, Nation Magazine*

*Organization for purposes of identification only.

Sample email to:

Mr. Tim Turano, Director
Address: Office of Facilities Mgt. of the Natl. Capitol Region,
     General Services Admin. Room 1065,
     301 Seventh St. SW,  Washington, DC  20407
Phone:  202-708-5891
Email:  tim.turano@gsa.gov

Subject line: Please Cancel NPI rental contract for March 5th

Dear Mr. Tim Turano

I am writing to request that the General Services Administration cancel its rental contract with the National Policy Institute for their conference on March 5th, from 6 to 10pm, in the Ronald Reagan Office Building.

The National Policy Institute has been called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  NPI president, Richard Spencer, has called for "peaceful ethnic-cleansing" in order to preserve European culture.  NPI has promoted eugenics and an all white "ethno-state;" and has been building alliances with white supremacists and fascists in Europe.

Even if NPI does not disrupt the space, racist ideology cannot be called peaceful; and is offensive to tenants, visitors, and workers in the building.  I do not believe the federal government should be hosting hate groups, and ask the GSA to cancel this contract.

Thank you,

(your name)

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