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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fwd: Rep. Elijah Cummings Letter to USDA's Secretary Vilsack

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Subject: Fwd: Rep. Elijah Cummings Letter to USDA's Secretary Vilsack
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robert d. here is something else to go with that web posting i just sent you.
Subject: Burned | Full Measure


Good Morning Ms. Attkinsson,

I just finished viewing today's program of FULL MEASURE on "Charity & Excess."  Wow!  The interview with Representative Jason Chaffetz, and the clip of Representative Elijah Cummings were both great.  I am sure all Americans are grateful for the work that you are doing.  As a big donor I have often wondered why the non-profit organizations designed to help animals and others are always in a perpetual state of need.  I began asking questions just recently about this and was not satisfied with the answers I received.  I learned so much after viewing your program and have decided to donate in a different way because making CEOs and Presidents of nonprofits millionaires is unfair for the intended beneficiaries of these non-profit organizations.

On another note, I first became familiar with you and your show when I watched your episode entitled, "BURNED!"  As a United States Department of Agriculture employee in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights under Secretary Tom Vilsack charged with carrying out the mandates promulgated under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 among other Civil Rights statutes, laws, rules and regulations, I have been desperately trying to find a way to get management to simply follow the rules.  I work in the office that should have been allowed to handle the female Forest Service complainants (Ms. Dabney included), however under this administration, which we so hoped would really be about "change that we could believe in" USDA has systematically destroyed the Civil Rights of so many Americans working for the United States Department of Agriculture. 

When "BURNED!" aired we decided to forward the link to Full Measure to The Committee on Government Reform.  I believe that it helped, (please see the attached letter) and I wanted to personally say THANK YOU!!!

It is so unfortunate that the USDA Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights management team, under Secretary Vilsack have intentionally thwarted, and otherwise interrupted USDA employees from processing Civil Rights complaints within the regulatory time frame -- if at all.  Civil Rights complaints are routinely destroyed, manipulated, deleted from the system and ignored.  On the last page of the Cummings letter it appears that hope for redress may be on the horizon.  Thanks again for all you do, and the part you played in bringing attention to this overlooked and under-reported problem!

Very Best Regards,