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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fwd: Letter to Vilsack

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Thanks Lawrence and thanks to C4C.  It was uplifting to read Congressman Cummings' letter.  Everyday things are getting worse in OASCR.  It feels hopeless.  At USDA, enforcing civil rights laws is just an empty slogan. I hope more comes out of what Cummings is doing then just another report showing how bad things are.  I hope something is done about righting the wrongs, such as firing the people who were hired through illegal means (as stated in the Harvard Report, Joe Leonard's friends and family); and demoting the managers who did not do their jobs and those who lied on the MD715 report; firing or demoting and banishing from OASCR all those executives who participated in the mismanagement of OASCR, such as Winona Scott, Joe Leonard (whose days are numbered and will be hitting the road soon).  If we could get a real investigation they would find out there is a lot of illegal activity going on.  Too bad when the OSC requested an investigation Vilsack used his buddy Phyllis Fong from USDA's IG and they didn't do much of an investigation.  It's really time for someone to go to jail.  


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this was given to c4c while visiting cummings office on a c4c matter. the coalition was the topic of conversation and excellent information which is the foundation for his letter to usda.
post the letter only on our web sites...ASAP.

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this is PDF version of letter. You should be able to upload to your website.
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