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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fwd: Lesa Donnelly's Comment on the USDA Coalition Facebook Page

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All -
By now I'm sure that you've seen or been apprised of the Full Measure investigative report on civil rights abuses at USDA and the Forest Service that aired today on network news, the internet, youtube, facebook, and twitter. It occurred to me that USDA and Forest Service officials might be saying that Alicia Dabney's situation happened in 2011 and this is 2015. Your response might be that you've taken action to change things since then.

I'd like to bring to your attention Heidi Turpen. A 21 year old
temporary employee who worked last summer on the Sequoia NF - Alicia's forest. She and her coworker Andrea endured a lot of sexual talk while working there and just put up with it. Heidi put up with a lot of false innuendo about being sexually active with male coworkers and put up with it. But when she was working out with a male firefighter in the gym and one of your repeat offenders, "Captain" Dick Henry came by and said a very crude sexual remark to him about Heidi she reported it. When another of your repeat offenders, Ron Booker screamed, yelled and menaced Heidi and Andrea they reported it. What happened next is that
the women were ostracized and blamed. Heidi was stalked around town by one of the men. Management encouraged Law Enforcement to bring the drug sniffing dog in and search only the women's side of the barracks (not the men's), and to search Andrea and Heidi's stuff (without the required warrant.) And thus, the SQF creates more class members and more women to talk to the media.

In addition to that event, the Region/Forest just proposed to remove Lead Class Agent Darla Bush (who is also a Native woman) permanently from her Captain's position and demote her to the Patrol position they've had her involuntarily reassigned to for over a year. They say it's because she's such a bad, bad supervisor. This is the position she was run out of by an all male crew that harassed and menaced her from the very start. Maybe instead of trying to make the male crew do their jobs, she should have sexually harassed Heidi, and like Henry and Booker SQF management would have supported her. Laughably, (can't cry) one of the charges against Darla, is that she was disruptive during the investigation interview. Could that be retaliation because she reported investigator Tom Magee for harassing her and filed a complaint against him??? As you know, these are not the only situations and recent EEO complaints occurring on the Sequoia NF. What is important to point out is that these continuing incidents from 2011 are still happening under Kevin Elliott and Randy Moore's "leadership." Just thought I'd point that out...