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Monday, March 9, 2015

Discrimnation at the US Department of Agriculture

On 3/6/15 4:16 AM, Redacted wrote:
And according to Joe Leonard's comments, people suffering like here at USDA, don't exist. Not to mention, what is going in in Forest Service, NIFA, FSA, RD, and others.


Dear Mrs. Valerie Jarrett:

I am personally sending this e-mail to you which I sent a letter to President Barrack Obama, March 3, 2015, so that you will have him intervene about the wide-spread discrimination at the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) under Secretary, Tom Vilsack and Joe Leonard.  My name is Nora Lea Lynch, white, 72 year old female, experiencing blatant discrimination at the USDA.


Nora Lea Lynch
Administrative Support Assistant
US Department of Agriculture
March 2, 2015

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20500
Dear Commander-in-Chief:
Under the Whistleblowers Protection Act, employees are supposed to be protected when they make allegations by disclosing a violation of the law, and or an abuse of authority.  I have been employed with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), APHIS, since December 22, 1996 with over 30 years of Federal Government Service.  Since being a Federal Employee, I have had several instances where my health was failing me.  When I entered the department, I was recuperating from Stage 4 pre-cancerous cells and had Lung Cancer on October 3, 2002 which during these times was given a "Leave Restriction Letter" and was refused the "Donor Program" until the day that I was operated at the hospital. My current supervisor,  recently gave me a "Leave Restriction Letter" when I was out with pneumonia which I sent to her by fax from home.   I returned to work after I was better, and gave her my doctor's letter with a FMLA which she said that she needs more information.  I also submitted to her another doctor's letter with a FMLA for chronic diseases.  I was approved for the Reasonable Accommodation by Mrs. Carol Griffith in the department only to have Mrs. Ingrid Watson, Supervisor send me a "Denial Letter of Reasonable Accommodation approximately on October 24, 2014 (Attachment #1 for review).  Since, I have complained, my FMLA has been scrutinized and still has not been approved as of this date. 
I have sent information to Office of Special Counsel (OSC) on my Performance Appraisals that have my signature on them and I never signed them (Attachment #2).  This is not the only incident of forged documents related to performance appraisals. This is unethical at best.  The OSC investigates allegations of Prohibited Personnel Actions.  It is a prohibited practice to forge my signature and then try to convince me that I signed the document.  I received a letter today that the OSC has forwarded my Form OSC-12 to the Complaints Examining Unit, Case:  OSC File No. DI-15-2033 (Attachment #3).  I do not have an "Electronic Signature" on file with the United States Department of Agriculture.  It's also prohibited practice to retaliate against me since I filed an action regarding Age, Retaliation, etc., and discussed the case including the falsification of documents with Mrs. Serita Kent-Wallace, Civil Rights Office as an EEO Mediation Action.
- 2 -
Integrity and honesty should be exhibited by all Federal Managers.  I have contacted Mr. Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture and Mr. Kevin Shea, Administrator, Mr. David Urso, and Mr. Osama El-Lissey (Attachments #4) and no one has even responded back.
I have spent all my life as a Federal Employee and this has now gone too far with the mistreatment. I will not be in fear of my job because the management does not like that I have exposed fraudulent practices and unethical behavior.  Every whistleblower is target, bullied, and aggressively hunted here in USDA, Animal, Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS).  Their supervisory colleagues in management (Senior HR Investigator- David Urso statement) cover up and protect them. (Attachment #5 Blogs). There is rampant harassment, discrimination, intimidation and fraud amongst upper level management that needs to be looked into at this Agency.
Ms. Nora Lea Lynch
7675 South Arbory Lane
Laurel, MD  20707

Lesa L. Donnelly

We have lost our sense of shame. Colin Powell