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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fwd: securitization, social security, identity theft, utilities fraudulent debt definitions

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Subject: securitization, social security, identity theft, utilities fraudulent debt definitions


securitization, social security, identity theft, utilities fraudulent debt sinking ship exposed

by ;jeanette-audrey;[triplett]

Some associates of this author  are now  diligently lobbying in Washington DC in reference to the incorporated material, 
educating those Trustees of the fraud perpetrated against America for hundreds of years. Those hearing the words taught are becoming unnerved as this tightly kept secret was never to have been released to the public. God forbid the American public should ever pull back the curtain to discover the  flume of smoke convoluting the treacherous lies and deception that has kept the banks afloat while sinking  America's ship.

The US Bankruptcy of 1933 is part of this charted course of events that has imprisoned Americans for decades. However, in actuality, that plan began centuries ago and still in the works today.  The reader must understand history  as it began to be built by the ship of fools 
beginning in the 12th century, or earlier if one dares to venture into that darkness.

To the untrained eye the incorporated articles may seem to have no connected relevance but to those following the trail of evidence they are, in fact,  quite connected, and lead the reader into the heart of the den of thieves.

Americans have been securitized, meaning they have each/all been turned into a 
financial transaction for profit through the banks, employing attorneys to drafted eloquent legislation for and in behalf of the banks insatiable deep pockets.

However, since the 1933 bankruptcy and earlier evidence shows that only part of the contract has been kept, unknowingly, with extreme negative 
results on the unwilling victims,  that being the American public. Any contract that has been breached, derived of fraud, or otherwise failed to disclose all the facts has no force and effect, is null and void, and most crucially is unlawful.

In short this will all be explained so those unaware of the crimes perpetrated against them will better understand this horrendous intentional fraud.

The enclosed attachments provide and support additional evidence incorporated in entirety by reference. These documents have been introduced previously but explanation is provided in this letter.

The bankruptcy of 1933 was enacted as one of the well used tools for the banks to slowly strangle America, and the rest of the world into irrecoverable debt, debt in which in turn was then reinvested for profit by those creating the legislation, running the courts and owning the banks, one happy incestuous family.

Using the signatures of every American for securitization, the OTHER half of the contract which was intentionally omitted by these vampirical incubi pertaining to the 1933 US Bankruptcy, is that all Americans debts were to be discharged, as there is NO MONEY.

It gets even better. Cross referencing the word "debt;

" Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Abridged Edition, please read "Fraudulent debt". This is defined as:

Fraudulent Debt;

"A debt created by fraud. Such a debt implies confidence and deception. It implies that it arose out of a contract, express or implied, and that fraudulent practices were employed by the debtor, by which the creditor defrauded."

Below note the Delaware Corporations Division entries on "Utilities". This was done to show the reader the connection to the above definition of fraudulent debt.

Pursuant to the 1933 Bankruptcy, but not limited to, Americans are the 
creditors and the government offices and utilities are the debtors!

Remember there is no money, only BANKNOTES, these are not money but only a promise to pay. So, Americans have NEVER been paid, since 1863, the first Bank Act. ( See "A Country Defeated in Victory Part II, page 2, ("Letters to and from the Rothschild's")by James Montgomery)

Also refer to the Lieber Code of 1863.

This devious intentional fraud against Americans by the banks has been operating at an international level as well also dating back to 1863 as it was the European banks initiating this diabolical plot for which now the Vatican has repeatedly gotten caught with their unholy hands in the cookie jar.

Back to the utilities. The reader should now pay close attention all utility bills. They are actually coupons, and/or dividends,
TO the individual. Through deceptive business practices, the utility companies send the unwilling unsuspecting honest individual what they are wrongfully lead to believe are utility bills.

The individual opens these bills, perceives it to be owed, writes a check or a money order to make a payment
towhat is actually a fraudulently collected debt from the debtor sent using fraudulent deceptive business practice and mail fraud to the actual creditor.

The utility companies ALL KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. They have just created a fraudulent debt, monthly, defrauding the American people who, in fact, are  the CREDITOR, now through deception and fraud, receiving payment from every individual who unknowingly were through threat and fraud forced into  paying the utility bills, which are each actually a payment
to the individual in the form of dividends.

This fraudulent transaction by the utility companies turned the creditor, Americans, into a debtor, by making the individual believe the dividends were bills, forced payments from individuals through extortion, illegally collected that money, fraudulently conveyed ill gotten gains into private corporate profits, invested in the same, securitized, issued bonds, and started all over again, every month, like clockwork, in which now as evidence supports all utility company assets pursuant to the 14th amendment section4 bounty can now be frozen, recouped seized and collected for the fraud initiated against America and for the utility companies failure to pay off the public debt, creating yet further public debt and investing in that debt internationally as well as an international racketeering enterprise.

It really is quite simple to follow once the reader understands the formula the bankers created to operate this ponzi scheme. Scott Rothstein was but only a scapegoat to divert the all seeing eyes away from the den of thieves.

In order for the game to end Americans must all realize each and all have been played as pawns in a game of chess wherein all the King's horses and all the King's men deliver the goods to the Queen, as securitized Social Security investments et al, and from where the American attorneys and judges receive their orders to commit this international racketeering money laundering the Rothschild's and the Vatican so deviously drafted many centuries ago.


All rights reserved in perpetuity
;jeanette-audrey ; [triplett]

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