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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fwd: [rod-class] Court Appearance Mon, 11.10.14 in DC

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Date: Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 10:11 AM
Subject: Fwd: [rod-class] Court Appearance Mon, 11.10.14 in DC

Greetings to all,
This is the latest "Big List" email for Rod Class AIB Radio. If anyone wants to review documents they can be obtained by joining the "Big List"  and receive update emails which include numerous links for your research.
Our topics include virtually any matter anyone may need to learn  in furthering their education.
I am forwarding this email to my "small circle of friends" so each one can view whatever document they choose (after getting on the big list) or listen to our archives for your learning experience by clicking on  http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=48361&cmd=tc .
This email is sent to all to help in anyway possible  for educational purposes.
We bring the library to you!
The difference between ignorance and stupidity is  "Ignorance is not knowing, Stupidity is knowing but continuing the same behavior."  At this point, there is no reason for ignorance!
The work done by researchers for AIB, myself included as an investigative research specialist (IRS) (intentional), is well founded, thorough, deep, and accurate.
 Personally, I have researched historical documents, records, files, archives, Congressional Records,  files dating back to 1199, 1213, 1492, 1500's, 1600's to date and writing those for the future.
As an investigative  research specialist I teach the importance of knowing three issues 1). The Contractual aspect; 2.) The judicial aspect; 3.) The Biblical aspect.  Knowing the latter of the three one understands the first two don't matter.
When we are on AIB if an individual is speaking and errors with delivering information they are immediately corrected by a listener to keep information pinpoint on target. We research while we deliver.
Our prayers go out to Rod Class during his time of prosecution and persecution.
His family is enduring great hardship through this tribulation.
Please pray for Rod's freedom to be restored and for his health.
We at AIB are family, guided to do this work in exposing the multi-tier international corruption at all levels.
We knew this day was coming, are prepared and continue to stand for truth.
 Our thoughts have wings, let them fly far and wide!
Love to all,

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Subject: [rod-class] Court Appearance Mon, 11.10.14 in DC
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If you can attend Rod's next DC court appearance and know
the procedure and protocol, then please show up, Mon, 11 / 10 / 14
for another 11:30AM Status Conference Hearing.
Please dress professionally.

Location: ...at The District of Columbia (Federal) District Court
Before Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts in Courtroom 9
on the 4th Floor...11:30AM !

At the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse
Street Address: 333 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Phone 202-354-3000
Court Internet Web Site: http://www.dcd.uscourts.gov

Direct PACER / ECF Link to track the case
...there is a cost to subscribe if you over access and download docs !
The search terms to put in the boxes
is Class and Rodney.

>> The 11 / 7 / 14 Live Friday Adventures Into Sovereignty Broadcast
concerning Rod Class and the DC Court Gun Case link...click on the video:

http://adventuresintosovereignty.org/live/  1 hr 21 min

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