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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fwd: A reminder from Louise Davis

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Subject: A reminder from Louise Davis
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Not Interested?
Hi again,
Just a friendly reminder that Louise is raising money for: "Alternative film on infectious dise"

Will you show your support?
Yes! Take me to this page >>

Louise says...
I've been doing a local column for over 12 years and am an editor for BIN-beforeitsnews.com. I have written 6 books and edited 3 others and my alter-ego, da Martian, has a brainstorm idea for a video, and it's a hoot.  This idea is so funny I woke out of a sound sleep laughing.
Please help me launch this project, with equpipment, programming and actor stipend funds. Thanks--and may the farce be with you. Continue Reading >>

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