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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FW: The Hobby Lobby Errors Part 7: Now They Represent You, Now They Don't

> Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 18:41:58 -0800
> From: theteam@peaceteam.net
> Subject: The Hobby Lobby Errors Part 7: Now They Represent You, Now They Don't
> To: angusfarms@hotmail.com
> Dear Friends and Activists,
> This will be the seventh installment in our series on the gross legal
> errors in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. Seven installments
> already, and there is still more judicial idiocy to talk about.
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> Now They Represent You, Now They Don't
> OK then, today we are back for more of page 18 of the Hobby Lobby
> ruling where we started. What Alito does next here is justify
> personhood for corporations by emphasizing that
> "An established body of law specifies the rights and obligations of
> the PEOPLE [emphasis in original] (including shareholders, officers
> and employees) who are associated with a corporation in one way or
> another."
> Alito then gives an example of how, "extending Fourth Amendment
> protection to corporations protects the privacy interests of
> employees and others associated with the company."
> Notice what Alito has done here. TWICE he has invoked the interests
> of their employees as a wedge to grant corporations full personhood
> rights.
> But then . . . a mere 2 sentences later . . . he has forgotten all
> about the employees and their rights, and now all he is concerned
> about is protecting "the religious liberty of the humans who own and
> control those companies [Hobby Lobby, etc.]." Now all of a sudden
> it's the employees be damned.
> Now all that matters is the moral self-righteousness of a handful of
> corporate owners, and they can ride roughshod over the religious
> freedom of those same employees he used to grease corporate
> personhood in the first place. Now, a rhetorical legal heartbeat
> later, the Supreme Court no longer represents the interests of the
> employees. Now they serve the corporate masters only.
> This is the mother of all switcheroos. Folks, it does not get any
> more intellectually dishonest than this.
> But we are still not even close to being done with this. Next time in
> part 8, "Job Pay Discrimination Based On Religion."
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