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Monday, September 22, 2014

mr. isaac decatur comments

Subject: mr. isaac decatur comment

Isaac Decatur said
Johnw11  We demanded justice and got nothing. We demanding fairness and got injustice. We demanded equality and got treated as indentured servants. We want the same justice and equality as our WHITE counterparts. We have made demands backed by the power of information. We the New Orleans VA black  listed employees Mr. Isaac Decatur, Mr. Morsie Porter, and Mr. Ralph Saunders have presented powerful and overwhelming information Is this the way AMERICA treats its BLACK VETERANS?
42 U.S.C. 1985 Conspiracy to violate Civil Rights'
42 U.S.C.  1986 Neglect in Stopping Conspiracy to violate
Civil Rights. Black on Black Injustice.
Ready to hold EEOC OFO Directors, Carlton Hadden, Commission,
Todd Cox, Office of Communications And Legislative Affairs,
(OCLA). accountable for their record of failure.
The most important names to be added to the list of people who knew of the BLACK LISTED New Orleans VA employees is President Obama and AG Eric Holder. The code of federal regulations is the guide to operating the federal government. With this being the case when you break the code you violate or better yet you break federal laws. No elected official is above the law. Because of the position of the elected official all are bounded by the code.