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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fwd: Reply -- MONDAY - Press Conference Sept. 29@11:30

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Hands-Up Coalition (Coalition against Murder, Mass Incarceration and Militarism)

For Immediate Release
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo 240-731-9577

Time- 11:30 am, Monday, September 29, 2014
Place: Courtroom 114, DC Superior Court, 500 Indiana Ave, NW. , Washington, D.C.

Police Breakdown door of DC Attorney Benoit Brookens and detain him for 39 days

Attorney Benoit Brookens will appear before Judge Jose Lopez, September 29, 2014 to fight for his freedom and to avoid the pipeline to prison ruse.

After Benoit Brookens successfully won a million dollar class action for rent over-charges against his landlord for his fellow Dorchester House Apartment tenants, the D.C. Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee prosecuted him.  Attorney Brookens is being prosecuted for representing his fellow tenants before the D.C. Rent Administration that allows anyone, licensed attorney or not to provide representation.

The D.C. Practice of Law Committee, Chair, Cynthia Wright, abusing her federal power as an Assistant U.S. Attorney had the police breakdown the door to Mr. Brookens' residence, arrest him without a "search warrant," and detain him in D.C. jail for 39 days without bail as a flight risk—based on his U.S. diplomatic service background. He was offered "TIME SERVED" in exchange for a "Guilty Plea."

Mr. Brookens would not "plead guilty." On Monday if Mr. Brookens is found liable he could face two years incarceration for filing court required information.  

"The mass incarceration of black men must stop," Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo of the Hands-Up Coalition stated. Why would the court incarcerate Mr. Brookens for assisting his fellow tenants to access affordable housing and filing court required information? This is another example of Federal prosecutorial abuse."

Mr. Brookens' is supported by his pastor, now Presiding Elder, Potomac District, AME Church, his attorney Ronald E. Braxton, fellow tenants from the Dorchester House and the Metropolitan AME Church.

 If you have "marched, " Mr. Brookens said  "come to the hearing, prayerfully packing your Hymnbooks that have gotten so many of
 us through many a long and restless nights"


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