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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FW: Massive day of action against the corporate takeover of the Internet

Subject: Massive day of action against the corporate takeover of the Internet
From: act@credoaction.com
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 13:19:36 +0000

CREDO action
Today is Internet Slowdown Day
Dear melissa,
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler recently proposed rules that would divide the Internet into fast lanes for wealthy corporations and slow lanes for the rest of us.
These rules would mean a massive handout to Big Telecom and the death of Net Neutrality.
With a crucial September 15 deadline for public input less than a week away, we have to go all-out to tell the FCC to reject a corporate takeover of the internet, and instead make the change we really need: Protecting the open Internet by reclassifying it as a public utility under Title II.
CREDO is joining a huge day of protest to defend a free and open Internet -- Internet Slowdown Day.
Today, CREDO will join some of the biggest sites like Netflix, Kickstarter, Meetup, reddit, Upworthy, Vimeo, and WordPress by posting a spinning icon on our web pages, representing the slow-loading Internet that we can expect if Big Telecom gets its way. There are three important ways you can join the day of action:

  1. Submit a comment telling the FCC not to kill the Internet.

  2. Increase your impact by calling Congress and President Obama and telling them to fight for a free and open Internet.

  3. Add the Internet slowdown icon to your website. It's easy, just click here for instructions.

Net Neutrality is important because the Internet is an essential service we rely on to conduct our most basic daily affairs, from applying for a job to finding a home, to running a small business. And our right to communicate freely and be heard is at the heart of our ability to participate equally in our democracy.
A string of federal court cases has made it abundantly clear that the FCC has the power to enforce strong Net Neutrality rules, but only if the FCC goes through the process of undoing a terrible Bush-era decision to deregulate broadband instead of treating it like the vital public utility it has become.
Chairman Wheeler says that he wants to preserve the open Internet. But his proposal explicitly states a preference for not reclassifying broadband -- the one and only thing that will allow the FCC to protect Net Neutrality and ban discrimination on the Internet.
We will not be silent in the face of this -- join us in this day of protest.

  1. Click here to submit a comment to the FCC.

  2. Click here to call Congress and President Obama.

  3. Click here to add the internet slowdown icon to your website.

Thank you for taking action.
Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
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