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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RE: [Women's Warrior Song on Full Moons] Sighhh Ohhh wow ... I would like to take this...

I am late with my prayer need, here at the hospital internet connection isnt always available,  my beloved husband Jerry is at Kindred Hospital Louisville,Ky, on December 25 2013 instead of celebrating the birth
of Christ with our 9 beautiful grandchildren I called an ambulance to take my husband to the hospital....(on the way to the hospital his lungs collapsed and he went into CARDIAC ARREST and was placed on FULL LIFE SUPPORT) at ten pm that same night another ambulance transported us from Scott Memorial Hospital Emergency Dept to
Clark Memorial Hospital, On Jan 2 we were then again on another
ambulance and transported across The Ohio River to Norton's Hospital
on the 3rd of Jan 2014 he had a heart cath and stints also found part of his very generous heart is occluded(totally blocked) He went back to his room where he became unstable again and a quick thinking little nurse named Natalie recognized a very early need to move she called in a team of nurses for a consult where it was decided to move him into the ICU, where he stayed under the watchful eyes of the ICU nurses his cardiologist signed off but his pulmonologist said he wasn't healthy
enough to go home so on another ambulance and away we went to
Kindred Hospital Louisville,Kentucky where he is still on life support
he was being weaned we his mother was taken to the ER at Scott Co
with chest pains 2 hours later she was being sent by ambulance to Norton's she had several tests and was there a little over 24 hours
Kindred gave me a ride to Nortons and I stayed with his momma until
they taxied us back to Kindred where I did find he was more diminished
and had become depressed about his mother and was put back on the vent, today his Feb 26 2014 and he is weaning from the vent has a plastic speaking valve for his trach, and even sat on the bedside for the
first time since Dec 2013 ( he has also been in the SCU here)

So since Christmas Day he has been on 4 ambulances, been in 4 hospitals, had 7 hospital rooms, countless Drs., nurses,cna's
we are not any closer to going home.... we also have grave financial
obligations now, and worries about our children and their families and
his mom, my dad, and a nephew that I have only met three times
there is other nieces and nephews and I love them dearly but little
Jo-Jo is about to the end of his young little life and prayers for the
family as they cope with this, and my children and grandchildren
for there has been many types of strain on my family.

we are still trying to recover our stolen family farm and make the thieves
pay for the damages they have done to our home, the native burial ground(theft of artifacts) destruction of our home barns, and a leg of the
underground railroad, and theft of valuable under the surface (as defined
in the 1907 us geological survey) as well as the defrauding of the usda
programs designed to give grants for livestock water, and colluding with
the IRS, the US Judges, and the local county taxing and commissionera
and the former sheriff of out county for the physical and mental abuse and theft he allowed to happen to myself and my then 3 1/2 year olf grandson.


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Laverne Victor
Laverne Victor 12:25am Feb 26
Sighhh Ohhh wow ... I would like to take this time to ... thank you all for your kind words... i just wanted to let you know more about who i am ... sooo much to tell ...i like many of you have many struggles in life ... but i choose to not let them eat me up ... i choose to survive ... i choose to try and make things better for me and all around me ... near and far ... one of the many reasons for starting ...no bringing back to life this teaching to ... Celebrate on the night of our Grandmother Moon ...
I thank all you beautiful women for joining and wanting to make a difference in your life and for those you love.... sighhh woow ...
:'( ... happy tears ... yes i am a very emotional woman .. i have a big heart ...
just a reminder ...of how this celebration works ... some are still not sure what to do ....
on this night we do things for jus ourselves ... take care of us ... we tend to not do that as we are mothers/grandmothers and there is always others that come before us ... soo on this night ...do what ever makes you happy .. do it with other women if you wish ... i have many times done this night on my own .... pamper yourselfs ... soak in the tub ...do your hair ...your nails... watch a movie ... sit n read a book ... at midnight your midnight ... we pray.. that is when we are one with Grandmother Moon ... and then we sing the womens warrior song ... i hope this is more clear for some of you ...
I Believe in the Power of Prayer ... and I Believe in the Power of Numbers ...wow look at our numbers of Women worldwide joining... ohhh wow .. i am truly honored to those who have wanted to be friends with me here on FB ....
this is an annual event ... dont feel bad at how little you participate ... every little bit helps ... :) ...
From me to all of you ... Hugs n Love on Your journey
Black heart (cards) ..Lovey ...

ohhh by the way ...Lovey is my nickname given to me at birth by my father :)

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