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2 Definitions

Individual Accountability
Entity Accountability

Individual Accountability - The Ability to control's ones person, and are capable of managing one's life to the extent that one can address one's life issues with
individual accountability.

Entity Accountability - the same as
"Individual Accountability", but on a larger scale that encapsulate every interest under the umbrella of the entity's responsibilities.

The Facts:

When working for any business, be it, a small business of only 2 individuals, or, be it a large company, corporation, the U.S. Military, or the U.S. Government, we know that there will be interactions between employees, and management.

We know that the larger the the entity, the greater the possibility that abuse will take place.

We know that the larger the corporation the more difficult it is to address individual interactions between lower ranking personnel.

We know that the larger the entity, the more money is used to protect the entity from any possible issues that may cause the entity publicity harm.

We know that the lower the job responsibility is, the easier it is to discredit the individual employee, who are often, not savvy enough to defend himself/herself from the ploys of a large company, willing to do anything to protect it's interest.

We know that the bigger the entity, the harder it is to get accountability for the small individual abuses..., and the machine continues to roll on.

We know that the USDA, the Military, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and any large entity.., opt to protect itself before admitting to any accounts of negligence by any individual, working for its interest.

Who's Responsible for Accountability?

Every Individual is responsible for individual accountability.

Each person that accepts a position as an employee, accepts responsibility to work for a company, and when they do so, it's also they're responsibility to learn all the rules associated with the position that they are assigned.

It is also, each employee responsibility to also, read the "employee manual" that each business, or company, is required to provide for each new employee.

Within these employee manuals, are all the rules associated with the rights of the employee, to include, how to address harassment by fellow employees, and how to properly complain... up the chain of command.

When Employees do not take accountability for their own protection against possible compromising scenarios, which are covered in the employee manuals, the employee becomes a victim of, not only harassment by fellow employees; they also become victims of the corporate machine.

Every Entity is responsible for accountability that are under its umbrella.

Per the description of an employee responsibilities associated with learning the rules associated with how to complain via the chain of command, it is the entities responsibility to ensure that each employee is acutely aware of all the rules within the employee manual.

Each Entity is responsible to educate each employee of their rights to complain, and the proper procedures to complain of any instances of harassment, verbal degradation, unauthorized physical contact, or any instance that any employee feels uncomfortable in.

Each Entity is responsible for taking "immediate actions" when an employee complains of harassment of any kind, and any subsequent complaints should result in executive actions, that ensures that a complaining employee is guaranteed no other act of harassment of any kind, or retaliation.

Each Entity is responsible for providing employee harassment reporting procedures for new employees, and ongoing harassment training periodically, for all levels of employment.

The Continued Employee Harassment Training is specifically intended to ensure that lower level supervisors, and lower level management, are knowledgeable as to the proper procedures to  handle employee complaints.

What happens when both, the Individual and the Entity, fail in their responsibilities and obligations to be accountability?

For the Individual that does not practice individual accountability, the individual will suffer on job abuses, and the subsequent ability to complain successfully, will fall short.

For the Entity that does not practice entity accountability, under their umbrella, abuse will take place and huge sums of money will be used to protect abusive employees that abuse.

The Circle of Failed Accountability continues

When a human being is harassed in any manner, and not necessarily, on the job, that person will re-live the harassment in the mind, and in their heart, for years... and even decades.

Protecting the harassed employee becomes a quagmire, if the employee isn't educated correctly by the company, and the subsequent actions by the entity, will be to protect the entity by all means necessary.

The USDA and Government responses to the subject of this article, provides a prime example of how, the two interest are not prepared for a possible employee harassment complaint.

Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) practiced by large corporations, associated with the system of denial, has been in place by the USDA for a long time, with respect to addressing sexual harassment by victims, in that, employees are fired based on any reason possible, in order to discredit any harassment allegations by the employee.

Except in this case, and in these days, the USDA have pre-empted the usual process of acknowledging possible cases of negligence, by agreeing to un-publicized settlements, and providing subsequent announcements of re-iterations of harassment training for all employees....

Today, the USDA, and other larger employee entities are blatantly denying all accountability, wrongfully firing employees who have voiced harassment accounts, and have gone directly to initiating the formal announcement and implementation of re-training of all personnel on the proper procedures of defending one's self from on job harassment, and the proper methods of reporting harassment up the chain.

How does the individual attain accountability in today's work place?There are no simple answers anymore. Now that our elected officials have blatantly vetoed bills that demand equal pay for woman, in that, not "1" Republican voted in favor of the
Equal Pay Bill, stating that passing such a bill will create many frivolous law suits, which blatantly states that equal pay, and fair treatment, isn't something that our elected officials believes each individual "rate


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