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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Widows & Nick Serino's link

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Little old widow ladies,
have had no choice but to down size or sell out their farms, move to a rental
situation, (living in someone else's apartment or house, where the rent they
pay couls have let them stay where they were, but the landlord raises the rent every time they can
she has had to get live off of social security but it dont cover her bills less than a thousand a month even with all those  cost of living increases.

Her husband worked off her farm when he retired he took less so when he died she would have a little more comfort zone...thats plus 241.41
still hovering around $ 1,300. per month    that is per month
she pays her bills but has no money for food  she broke down and went and applied for food stamps, what she got wasnt worth the time and the feeling of being snooped on  for being turned down until she had medical bills she has plenty of them they were turned in and it netted her $16.00/per month for three months then took back to $0.00

meals on wheels now bring her 4 frozen meals and one hot meal per week
she eats cheerios and prunes

And her neighbor is in the same situation

So you can break the law and sneak in here and not pay taxes and draw all of the benefits these women never claimed because they worked their farms and paid their taxes and went to church and did all kinds of civic volunteerism  and yet they arent
worth a few food stamps or insurance enough to keep them from having to live
on cheerieos and prunes and meals on wheels (dont get me wrong meals on wheels is great) but  $).00-$16.00 per month with the kind of situation

can you live off of less than  $1.350 per month ???????
Do you get Benefits to cover your medical expenses over your 80%
and why would that be so much that she has to choose between food
and paying the bills and what about clothes she hasnt had new clothes in nearly
20 years
Confused  (America)
Elva Shearer
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