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Monday, January 27, 2014

Starting Pre-Production On Citizens United, Our Next Full Length Feature Dramatic Film

> Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 08:56:30 -0800
> From: theteam@peaceteam.net
> Subject: Starting Pre-Production On Citizens United, Our Next Full Length Feature Dramatic Film
> Dear Friends and Activists,
> Now that The Last War Crime movie is done, finished and wrapped up in
> a pretty bow ready for you to see right now, we are excited to
> announce that we are starting pre-production on "Citizens United,"
> our next planned full length, feature dramatic film. In this one we
> will take on the issues of corporate personhood and accountability,
> the rampant drone murders of innocent civilians, and more, all in an
> entertaining and uplifting story of successful progressive activism.
> We already have a full page synopsis prepared and we are working hard
> on the new script. We reproduce the first part of the synopsis below,
> and if you want to read the rest, please go to.
> Citizens United movie synopsis:
> http://www.peaceteam.net/citizens_united.php
> On this same page you can also request a screener of the current
> film, The Last War Crime, which is the best way to make the next one
> a reality as well.
> Vanguard Aerospace is major defense contractor, with a large number
> of the shares still controlled by its original founder, Ace Rogers,
> now mostly incapacitated, and with the day to day corporate
> operations taken over by his son, the fundamentally amoral Taylor.
> One of the fastest growing divisions of Vanguard is the manufacturing
> of military assault drones, a great concern to Ace's grand-daughter,
> Sun, because of the reports of large numbers of innocent civilian
> casualties. Sun has become active in the Occupy America movement,
> much disapproved by the rest of her family.
> Our movie opens with the news on TV that the Supreme Court in oral
> argument seems to be poised to endorse unlimited corporate campaign
> contributions by corporations in the Citizens United decision, good
> news for Vanguard's power to influence defense policy, but met with
> dismay in the bare bones organizing office of the Occupy America
> chapter where Sun is a leader. Unknown to them, their group has
> already been infiltrated by a covert government operative named
> Spike, with the mission of instigating violence to discredit the
> movement.
> With the legal limits on corporations so clearly collapsing, Sun
> proposes that they organize an initiative to put a resolution on the
> agenda of the upcoming Vanguard shareholders' meeting, to object to
> the rampant misuse of these killing drones, to pressure for change
> from the inside. Though she has not yet inherited any Vanguard stock,
> their plan is to raise money to each buy one share, so they can be
> recognized to stand up and speak at the shareholders' meeting . . .
> ****
> Does that sound like a great start or what? To read the rest of the
> synopsis, like we said, please go to
> http://www.peaceteam.net/citizens_united.php
> to read the rest of the synopsis, and to demonstrate your support of
> the production of movies like this by picking up a screener of The
> Last War Crime, so you can show it to your friends and so we can
> build a base of support for movies that actually tell the truth about
> the real policy issues in our country.
> There have been a quite a number of movies produced lately of the
> opposite kind, which in fact glorify torture, slander the motives of
> those who are our most courageous whistleblowers, and further other
> lies. We know, for example, that the US military will not give any
> material support to any production where they can't have a propaganda
> thumb on the script. That is why we depend on you, our valiant
> participants to help make counter-productions like Citizens United
> and The Last War Crime possible.
> The thing we are most proud of about production of The Last War Crime
> was that this was a 100% SAG and AFM union job. Under existing union
> agreements our progressive activist talent stands to receive
> additional compensation depending on the successful distribution of
> our films, and if it were not so we would make it so regardless.
> We and our cast and crew can't thank you enough for making all these
> things a manifest reality, and we cannot wait to start lighting the
> set for the first scene of new "Citizens United" movie.
> You may forward this message to any friends who would find it
> important.
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