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Monday, July 15, 2013

FW: REMINDER: Today, TTO Monday night call, July 15th, 2013, 9:00PM Eastern, with Mr. Bill Johnson, of a Private Law School

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:33:15 -0400
Subject: REMINDER: Today, TTO Monday night call, July 15th, 2013, 9:00PM Eastern, with Mr. Bill Johnson, of a Private Law School


REMINDER:   Today,  Monday night, July 15th, 2013, 9:00PM Eastern, with Mr. Bill Johnson, 
of a Private Law School, will be Rudi and EJ's Special Guest Lecturer. 


Please read the entire message.   Thanks in advance.

Rudi suggests watching a 53 min. video (by another attorney) below for 
an overview of the Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis to prepare for this
Monday's (7.15.13) call with Bill Johnson...
the video


On Monday's call Bill Johnson will discuss where you fit in the big 
picture of the Foreclosure Dilemma.

His focus will be on how to position yourself by breaking the foreclosure  industry's presumptions in judicial and non-judicial states. Bill's goal is to   help you understand the core concepts of Robert M. Janes' book "Fighting the Foreclosure Machine" to get ready for Mr. Janes return on July 22nd.

Computer link to the call and the archives:

Phone Number:  (724) 444 - 7444  Call ID Number: 118140  then the # button                           

  Date:  Monday night, July 15, 2013 -9:00PM Eastern  With: Bill Johnson

Info on emailing in questions:

For this Monday' call (7.15.13)

follow the instructions in the reminder below, but reference Bill Johnson.

Send your emails to: 


You will ALSO be able to CALL IN with your questions and

ask them at the end of the show !  724 444 7444  ID # 118140  
When asked for questions press *8 (Star 8)...


AND, A REMINDER ! The return of Robert M. Janes !

The info below pertains to the return of Mr. Janes

on Monday night July 22, 2013. 


ADVANCE NOTICE - Rudi Thomas - Foreclosure Call 
with returning special guest Robert M. Janes, author of 
Fighting The Foreclosure Machine, 
Monday night, 9 PM EDT, July 22nd !

On Rudi's Talkshoe ID 118140

Listen by computer or by phone

724 - 444 - 7444 Then the Call ID Number 118140 and then the pound sign #

Rudi Thomas and her co-host EJ are both longtime members of the AIB Family !


Here's a link to Instructions for gathering your foreclosure documents 
BEFORE the Janes call.

The link:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/gw8faeuixb87xvv/Rudi%20Thomas%20guest%20Robert%20Janes-Collect%20Your%20Foreclosure%20Documents-Instructions.doc

If you didn't hear Mr. Janes' first call please visit and download or listen 
to the call from July 1, 2013. 
The link to the call:

To help us help you: It is suggested that you:

1.     Read the book: Fighting The Foreclosure Machine

2.     Get a list of your documents: SEE ABOVE LINK

3.     Check your state codes/laws/statues for the Foreclosure process in your STATE

4.     Look up your States specific UCC codes for comparison to the general codes being discussed

5.     Email any and all questions you have to: go2tto@gmail.com

a.     Subject line: Question for Robert Janes, Fighting the Foreclosure Machine -   July 22, 2013

ITEMS 1-5 (ABOVE) will help us to have a most productive call and have a flow of good information. 

This will help to insure we have questions that are not hypothetical in nature. 
Hopefully others in your state will benefit from your question.

Also please visit the web sites below for literature of Mr. Janes

Listed below under: For reference for the subject matter

Remember it does not matter where you are in the process,  there is a REMEDY ! ! !…

Please feel free to share this email with others, as the purpose to is to enlighten, 

educate and empower. The information that will l be shared this call will be life 


Will be discussing the book "Fighting The Foreclosure Machine: The Homeowner's    Hammer", with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST, Mr. Robert M. James. You don't want to  miss this upcoming return interview and call.

This is a MUST have book, and an EXCELLENT READ, I do recommend you put    this literature in your library.

Fighting The Foreclosure Machine: The Homeowner's Hammer[Paperback]

BY: Robert M. Janes

Publication Date: April 25, 2012

ISBN-10: 0985128607

ISBN-13: 978-0985128609


Book Description

DON'T ASSUME THEY WIN! – even if you're behind on the mortgage payments.                     

If you or someone you know is threatened with foreclosure, you need this book.  Missed mortgage payments do not necessarily mean that you're in default, or that  your opponent has the right to take your home. FIGHTING THE FORECLOSURE  MACHINE explains in plain language how borrower protections of fairness are   embedded in the foreclosure laws of every state. Learn how you can use these   laws as a powerful weapon in your fight to defend your home. Use this information   to assess whether a foreclosure lawsuit is best for you. If you decide to fight back, this is a litigation resource with legal references, examples and forms to help you  and your legal advisor avoid time-consuming and costly duplication of legal research    and analysis.

Fighting The Foreclosure Machine was written for borrower's facing foreclosure,   whether or not MERS is involved. 

But, the newest research/analytical/how-to paper, (126pgs) released 6/1/2013  (www.fightingtheforeclosuremachine.com), is Shell Game - MERS: Contrived   Confusion, deals with MERS, and again if you have MERS this too would be an  excellent  read.

For reference for the subject matter:






Call instructions:


Phone Number:  (724) 444 - 7444   Call ID Number: 118140 then the # button

Date: Monday, July 15th , 2013 - 9:00 EST - Follow up call with Robert M. Janes.

You can dial in and be on the phone...

OR you can use the link for the computer BUT with NO interactive "talk" capability.


If you have any special questions, please feel free to send them over, as soon

as possible.

This will ensure that your concerns get addressed. 

Email address: rudithomas1011@gmail.com


You will ALSO be able to CALL IN with your questions and

ask them at the end of the show !  724 444 7444 

When asked for questions press *8 (Star 8)...

You will also be able to chat on the message board via computer !

Thanks, and we look forward to being with you…

on Monday, July 15th, 2013   9:00pm EDT

Rudi (and EJ)



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