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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Black Farmers v USDA: disparty studies, reports, articles, book


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Re Pigford Lawsuit: Studies, Reports, Articles, Book - 1960's to 2013
Disparity Studies & Recommendations from
U.S. Government and Non-profits along with some relevant articles and Pete Daniel's recent book "Dispossession"

Note: In every decade since the 1960's there have been studies finding significant disparities in the services offered minority farmers by the USDA. We are providing a compilation below of some of  these landmark studies and articles for your information and review. Almost all of these studies offer recommendations for change in policies at USDA.  All of these studies can also be found on the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund's (Federation) website. (A few of these PDF files are large and might take a while to download.)

goat farmer
Alabama goat farmer

Disparity Studies & Recommendations  
from the US Government and Non-profits (1965-2011)

training center
Workshop at the Federation's Training Center - Alabama
Relevant Articles

African American farmers and civil rights.(Pigford v. Glickman)
 Journal of Southern History - February 1, 2007 By Pete Daniel
two men
One-on-one Training in Georgia by Federation

Criticisms of Pigford and our Responses

(1) "USDA's Pigford case: More claims than Black farmers"
By Sara Wyant, Washington, May 27, 2010 

Response to Sara Wyant's article entitled:
"USDA's Pigford case: More claims than Black farmers"
By Heather Gray* and Ralph Paige** June 1, 2010  


Response to Jon Harsch's article entitled:
By Heather Gray* October 6, 2010

by Pete Daniel (2013) University of North Carolina Press

Between 1940 and 1974, the number of African American farmers fell from 681,790 to just  45,594--a drop of 93 percent. In his hard-hitting book, historian Pete Daniel analyzes this decline and chronicles black farmers' fierce struggles to remain on the land in the face of discrimination by bureaucrats in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He exposes the shameful fact that at the very moment civil rights laws promised to end discrimination, hundreds of thousands of black farmers lost their hold on the land as they were denied loans, information, and access to the programs essential to survival in a capital-intensive farm structure.



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