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Monday, April 29, 2013

[LandRightsNFarming] New comment on FW: Check out OpEdNews - Article...


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Subject: [LandRightsNFarming] New comment on Check out OpEdNews - Article: Senator Charles ....
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As an Attendee of the Summit, I'd like to thank Senator Grassley for
his steadfast belief and staunch support of the whistleblower's and thank him for his letter to the Sec of Agriculture that our cases have been to long in the system w/o the proper due process. The non-compliance of due-process, the defrauding of the farms and the sexual harassment forest service female employees some of these cases have been going on for decades.
I also must that when the Freedom of the Press and the defaming accusations against the women who spent their own money and were on their own time were accused of being politically motivated for standing up for our rights,
1) to be heard
2) to be treated fair and equitably
3) to ask for the help of Senate and or Congress when a Federal Agency don't follow even it's own rules and Regulations, much less the ones afforded by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as our forefather's intended.
m seaver Scottsburg,Indiana

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