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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FW: interview: askia muhammed, pacifica radio (wpfw), april 3,2013, 7:35 am

askia muhammad, pacifica radio interview, with lawrence lucas, regarding the continued discrimination against Black farmers, minority farmers and usda employees, at the us department of agriculture.
for 10 quick minutes i talked about:
    usda continued discrimination by the present leadership/administration, against Black farmers
    and usda employees, due partly to the lack of transparency and accountability.
    support bernard simelton, president, naacp alabama state conference, kevin myles, naacp
    southeast regional director, and michael stoval and farrell oden, leaders of the independent
    Black farmer delegation in the southern region, the usda coalition of minority employees
    and press conference, "stand for justice" in birmingham alabama, march 19, 2013. 
    cases not being resolved/settled, not proper processed & investigated, statue of limitation (sol)
    running on/expired on farmers. Black farmers are denied the same access as white farmers.
    meaning that farmers are still losing their land 
    the unwillingness of traditional civil rights/human rights organizations to speak out about the
    continued discrimination at usda
    listeners to call their local naacp representatives, president ben jealous & support
    congresswomen, marcia fudge, chair, congressional Black caucus, and others...encouraging
    them to support the effort of the alabama naacp, independent Black farmers, the usda coalition
    of minority employees & others
    how the white house should to fix the discrimination problems at usda.
     lawrence lucas, president
     usda coalition of minority employees