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Monday, January 7, 2013

Who was Peter C Meyers former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture?

by: Melissa Seaver   LandRightsNFarming

I'd like to say how sad it makes me to know that we are so busy that we may not even know when a friend
has passed on from this life.

Yesterday while looking at fb and seeing that a friend from another state confirmed friendship on "fb"
and being happy to see this communication from her and reading her page I was so saddened for her and for
everyone in the farming community across this country. A true friend to Agriculture was lost. A good Christian Man with a real strong sense of right from wrong.

I immediately "Google searched" his name and found his obituary and his page on "Wikipedia"
and I'm thinking with all that    PETER C MEYERS was is that all they can say about this great man!

Peter was much more than just a South East Missouri Representative, former Deputy Secretary  of Agriculture, he was a husband to Mary, they had a very large family that they loved and "Adopted everyone
as their extended family". Together with his wife they helped farmers through the decades,
Rural Restoration Adopt Ministries. (they followed where God led them willing)

He was on the board(s) of several Agriculture advancement(s) like the soybean, and Cotton producers
and that's just a few of the things.

He played ball with his grandchildren, and thought them to farm and find good in life.

He was my friend and you will be missed, Peter.

Thank God for men like Peter and Praying that men like Peter will be brought forward to fill his shoes
because Agriculture needs Honest God Fearing Men to step forward to fill these gaps!