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Friday, January 4, 2013

: Whistleblowers Celebrate Lisa Jackson's termination

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No Fear Coalition; Network for Women's Equality
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January 2, 2012
One-Eyed Justice:  Jackson Resigns While Whistleblowers Forced to Seek Relief in Court
EPA whistleblowers and civil rights victims were celebrating EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson's resignation for fraudulently using an email account under a male pseudonym, Richard Windsor, supposedly named for her dog and former residence in East Windsor, New Jersey.  Those who have been abused and destroyed during her administration want history to record the legacy of racial discrimination and whistleblower retaliation she leaves behind as she runs out of town.  The excuse provided by her for this hidden account is the volume of emails she received and the fact that her democratic predecessor, Carol Browner, who was appointed by President Clinton, also had a hidden email account.   
Browner was made an advisor to EPA and Jackson by the Obama administration even though she had her own problems when she headed up the agency that included Congressional hearings into the failure to timely process environmental discrimination (Title VI) complaints and the loss of a major discrimination case filed by Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo that lead to the passage of the first civil rights and whistleblower law of the 21st century:  the No Fear Act of 2002.  
Dr. Coleman-Adebayo is again calling on Congress to immediately conduct hearings on the charges of corruption and abuse in the Jackson administration and her illegal use of an alias to conduct business on behalf of the United States citizens.  "The idea that public officials can engage in illegal acts and simply resign leaving victims of their abuse in the dust must change," she said when contacted.  "It's time that EPA is held accountable for years of retaliation, discrimination and mismanagement by their political appointees and careerists who support their abuses." 
Hundreds of citizens marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in October calling for Jackson's firing because of the corruption in her administration and calling for the removal of Rafael DeLeon, who Jackson appointed as the Director of Civil Rights, following the transfer of the previous director for illegally failing to submit mandatory civil rights reports.  "Instead of holding management accountable, EPA simply continued their policies of retaliation and discrimination," said Susan Morris, former civil rights Assistant Director and head of the Network for Women's Equality (Net-WE).  "I'm a prime example of EPA's victimizing their employees.  Even a finding from the Office of Special Counsel that they retaliated against me for reporting that they were in violation didn't faze Ms. Jackson and her cohorts.  They simply ignored the finding and continued repeating themselves."  Tongue in cheek, Morris said,  " I wrote to Ms. Jackson years ago as an advisor to tell her that her management officials were digging big holes for her and she should tell them to stop digging or just take away their shovels.  I guess my message didn't get to her because I didn't write to Richard Windsor."   
Federal employees harmed during Jackson's administration are rallying in order to seek justice to be made whole again.  "The public has a right to know the extent that the Jackson administration went to destroy and silence public dissent against illegal actions in her administration, so we are calling on Congress to hold hearings."  EPA has over 17,000 employees, with 1,000 lawyers, who are legal advisors to the administrator and management.  

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