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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fwd: ~7 Lives Remembered~

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The limitless aspects of our spiritual selves solidify into reality as we witness Echo's Life-Agreement unfold, revealing many facets that shape us into multidimensional, spiritual beings, capable of comprehending many levels of existence simultaneously.
7 Lives Remembered
"Melding Native American beliefs, Eastern reincarnation traditions, Elder wisdom, and other ele-ments of spiritual development, the author has penned a novel peopled by three-dimensional charac-ters. " T. Pirch
"These books can change your whole view of being alive and human…"
/Harvey Arden
From the author of 7 Days To Forget
Like too many young people in the modern world, Echo has been traumatized by abuse from the very people who should be guiding, protecting, nourishing and leading her into adulthood. When she can no longer live with the heartache, she decides to end her pain, asking for release from the unendurable. Her desperate cries to return to the source of life are heard and answered by another spirit who bravely agrees to take over the remainder of her Life Agreement. As present life events activate her memories, her personal power and connection to the divine source is restored.
More information & requests for signed & wholesale copies—visit:  http://www.7daystoforget.com/7_Lives_Remembered.html
Also available through your local independent book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.
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