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Sunday, November 25, 2012

What would life be without the ability to give love?

What would life be without the ability to give love?

As a human being,

the gift of consciousness

is above and beyond

the greatest gift of all.

Consciousness gives us the ability to receive information,

decipher information,

analyze information

and reach a conclusion based on the information associated to the subject at hand.

Love is the Consciousness of the Heart,

in that,

it receives signals from the body,

the mind

and the heart,

and based on that information

provided by the bodies 3 physical sensors,

the consciousness concludes

for the physical being,

that a connection to the heart’s consciousness rates the feeling of


A positive response to the conclusion of the consciousness

is “Love”.

To Love another human being is a inner sensation

that surpasses any and all other humanly bodily functions or capabilities.


equally to the immenseness of the euphoric sensations of true love

is the opposite side of the same coin,

which is,

the pain of lost love

or the loosing of love for one.

The sensation of physical pain

is generally controllable in life

or understandable

that there will be a short term conclusion to the physical pain,


when it comes to the consciousness of love


the associating possible pain of the results of a hurtful love,,,

the pain isn’t measurable,

isn’t controllable,

isn’t describable,

isn’t physical,,,

it is within the consciousness that this pain exist


there ain’t no medicine for that.

Consciousness of Love

becomes torcher and torment on a life level that no medication can address.

The best and only known method of addressing the conscious’s fall from love

is to disassociate

one’s physical association

from the entity that caused the damage to the conscious of ones love.

Time and distance is the only resolution to the damaged conscious heart.

Not understanding this will cause the ignorant to continue to suffer as long as he or she does not allow the conscious heart to heal via distance and time.

The length of time necessary

to allow for complete healing

differs for each person

and for each instance.

Know your heart,

know your consciousness,

know how long to heal


life will be good under all instances of a damaged consciousness.

Time & Distance is the Key.

Learning to master the consciousness of love allows for the purity of the conscious heart,

the willingness to share it without boundaries, the ability to absorb inflicted pain from others and

the strength to be willing to take pain

and not reciprocate,

the ability to be who

and what you are each day,

every day and everywhere.

The Consciousness is where the art of forgiving and

asking for forgiveness



if you didn’t have any consciousness,,,

you would not be able to love,

give love,

or be loved.

Having consciousness allows us all to love.

Felton M Batiste jr.
Father’s Day 6/20/2010

Added 6/23/2012

The Fear of falling in love

is the residual affect of a past

that created a memory of being damaged

by a selfish or inconsiderate lover.


Love is

"giving form within, giving without want"

and to fear these two human consciousness

is the act

of ensuring that

any possible desire to be in great love

becomes an inevitable ending of pain.

100% giving of ones consciousness is,

the act of giving pure love,

and by doing so,

conscientious satisfaction in the relationship is ensured,

to the extent, that

even if the relationship ends painfully,

the knowing that your love was true,

ensures that you walked away from the relationship

without any conscientious burdens

of guilt

resulting from questioning if you are bound to any cause of the ended relationship.


if your not willing to give 100% of your consciousness,

then the relationship can only be that of "friends".

The Wonderful thing about being in love,
"you can do it over and over and over again"

If you learn the technique

of not fearing the pain that may occur at the end of a relationship,

due to your understanding that

Time & Distance

will eventually

heal the heart

so that it can give

100% love again.


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